14 pictures which perfectly captured the vibe at SulaFest 2017

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This year, SulaFest went several notches higher in its 10th edition! The event saw festival goers from across the country at a weekend to remember and this year was an even grander production with even more amazing memories.

Here are 14 pictures which according to us, perfectly depict the beautiful vibe that was felt at this year’s edition. Take a look. 🙂

1. The Atmasphere stage in all its glory!


2. Victoria Bourke always makes us dance!


3. The Tent City was as welcoming as always!


4. A love affair!


5. Afro Celt Sound System made for an amazing sound


6. Now that’s a click!


7. Nucleya made the crowd at the Atmasphere Stage go wild!


8. Dance the night and day away


9. Now that’s a stage!


10. SulaFest Installation


11. LED-Dancers


12. Ludovic pellissier from Hilight Tribe


13. Kele Okereke from Bloc Party


14. Afrocelt Sound System @ SulaFest’17


You can read more about this year’s edition, here.

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