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Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.

[PREMIERE] DJ Hidden – This World

From the depths of drum & basses underbelly, artists like the seminal DJ Hidden are created, spending years on their meticulous craftsmanship to pave their way throughout DJ sets worldwide.

[PREMIERE] Aki & Zerg – System Overload

Dean Harris, aka Coki is arguably one of the biggest artists of the dubstep movement.

Lana Del Rey – White Mustang (BangLoud Remix)

Developing a keen interest and passion for electronic dance music at a very young age, BangLoud are one of the finest upcoming acts in the country.

ARtroniks – Riddle/ Manta

One artist that has a direct impact on the developing bass scene in Belgium is Arne de Meyer, more commonly known for his ARtroniks pseudonym.

Thys – Movement I (Tetris, Mon Amour)

Noisia’s Thijs De Vlieger is part of one of the world’s most respected electronic music groups (headliners at Roskilde, Reading, NASS, Dour, Glastonbury and many more this summer).

T.H.E Interview – Conduct

Robin Andrews & Chris Edwards (AKA Conduct) came together in 2009 and instantly began collaborating on a range of projects, from drawings to music to cinematography. They soon began DJing together across the UK and Conduct was formed as an outlet for their combined creative works.

Sirah X Skrillex – Deadbeat (Paranox Remix)

Remixing Skrillex is no easy job but Paranox has completely aced his game, with a smashing remix of Skrillex and Sirah’s, Deadbeat.

[PREMIERE] Killbox – Cousin of Zilch

Drum & bass extraordinaires Ed Rush and Audio team up this year to give us extensive experience together for a formidable new project, Killbox.

[ALBUM] Loadstar – I Need The Night

This year, Loadstar have shown exactly why they’re one of the hottest d&b outfits in the game, releasing a slew of singles in the run-up to their sophomore long-player.

OktoRed & Atmaan deliver a futuristic footwork infused EP

In a time of widespread vacuum of originality in regards of visual design, Aeronautic Records is a refreshing view in the bass music scene, tending to the futuristic side of sonic scenery.

[ALBUM] Conduct – Oma

UK duo Conduct AKA Robin Andrews & Chris Edwards, have a rich and diverse musical history, from playing live in extreme metal, be-bop and jazz bands, to the delicate nuances of digital sound design.

Danny Scrilla – Fight or Flight EP

German producer Danny Scrilla is known for an intricate approach to his production which is a mix of drum & bass and electro dub. He’s been releasing on Om Unit’s label, Cosmic Bridge, since 2012, with two 12-inches for the outlet as well as contributions to both of their Cosmology compilations—Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

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