Drival plays a fun edition of ‘THIS OR THAT’ with us!

Drival is the Spanish DJ and producer who continues to impress. His latest release ‘I Got You’ has just been released on acclaimed label AVA Recordings, adding to his high calibre catalogue of incredible originals he has released this year.

T.H.E Interview – Davi Hemann

Releasing multiple remixes this year and some great original works, Davi Hemann returned with Ana Clemesha to unveil ‘Carry On’.

T.H.E Interview – Cady

Cady has had previous successes under a different moniker, but is ready to take the next step in her career with ‘Nothing Wrong’.

T.H.E Interview – Marcela A

Revered Colombian producer, DJ & songwriter Marcela A recently released her latest single, as she collaborates with Reign Write on Dimelo, a feel good record, with an underlying sun-drenched vibe.

T.H.E Interview – Too Many Zooz

Too Many Zooz are the subway sensation known for collaborating on Beyonce’s Lemonade as well as a searing series of live busking viral videos. Pioneering the sound of the streets, their recent single Warriors featured in the Google Pixel 2 advert, seeing the track garner huge TV plays across Europe, North & South America and Japan.

T.H.E Interview – Not Your Dope

Impressing over the last couple of years with his incredible fluidity in genres, and ability to smash them all out of the park, Not Your Dope has succeeded in growing in fame and stature.

T.H.E Interview – Louis La Roche & Mylo

Louis La Roche is the Electronic music powerhouse who continues to show his inventiveness and ability to evolve within his productions.

T.H.E Interview – Jake Cusack

Jake Cusack has been a Dance music lover for longer than many.

T.H.E Interview – Sam Laxton

Newcastle based producer Sam Laxton has had a solid few months. With big tunes coming out on multiple labels and big shows all over his native UK, the artist is really coming in to his own.

T.H.E Interview – J-Hamz

In his seventh release, J-Hamz unveiled the winners of Digital Empire Records’ remix contest for his original track, “Keep On Lovin’,” featuring lyrics and vocals by Jesse Peters.

T.H.E Interview – Danni X

Growing up, Danni Eckstein was surrounded by rock music and religion. The former developed her passion for writing while Catholicism developed into a strong inspiration for her creative avenues. “LU$T,” the sexually charged and silky debut single to be released under the moniker of DANNI X, was written with religious teaching at the forefront.

T.H.E Interview – Kiba

Some releases astound even the harshest critics. Some releases are so powerful and inventive that everyone stops and takes stock of the majesty of them. Kiba’s ‘Echoes’ is one of those. Inherently beautiful, powerful and with production that is inimitably Kiba, the EP had so much to offer.

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