T.H.E Interview – 7Grams

How does one begin to tell the tale of an artist inspired by their life experiences and musical feelings? How does an artist identify with a global subconscious and the music industry as a whole? In an increasingly globalized world, saturation has been a recent and central focus of the electronic music wave that has been going on for around four decades now.

T.H.E Interview – Peking Duk

“Peking Duk not only tastes good, but it sounds even better.”

T.H.E Interview – Rodg & Ruben De Ronde

What can we say about Ruben De Ronde and Rodg? The two Dutch Powerhouses recently collaborated for a collective album, Togetherr, which released last month.

T.H.E Interview – Mick Cozzolino (Director, The Pop-Up Hotel Italy)

Imagine living the festival experience like that of Glastonbury, Wilderness and Cornbury, while staying in comfort at the heart of the event?

T.H.E Interview – Hybrid Minds

After 4 long years, Josh and Matt, better known as Hybrid Minds have delivered a spectacular 15 track sophomore album.

T.H.E Interview – Chicane

Chicane (Nicholas Bracegirdle) is one of the most prolific producers, composers and hit makers born out of nineties club culture and the trance music scene.

T.H.E Interview – HAND (Sascha Bachmann)

With his first solo project, HAND, Sascha Bachmann combined tape loops and moving images to create contrast with the fast, loud world we live in, forging space for emotions, self-reflection, calmness and also excitement.

T.H.E Interview – Bad Royale

The DJ and producer group – Bad Royale, met at the summit of a Southern Californian mountain in 2015 and haven’t looked back since; starting their own record label, ‘Rude Mood’ as well as collaborating with the likes of Diplo, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Major Lazer, Borgore, DJ Snake and others.

T.H.E Interview – EMBRZ

Self-taught, Dublin born producer – EMBRZ, continues to make his impact on the dance music spectrum with his unique, genre-defying sound.

T.H.E Interview – Needs No Sleep

Since emerging as one of Australia’s most forward-thinking bass music producers, Needs No Sleep has been pushing boundaries with his evolving Bass/G-House sound since day one.

T.H.E Interview – Haux

Settled in the space between dreamy folk and electronic melancholy – Haux is the smoky-eyed silhouette of Woodson Black.

T.H.E Interview – Donkong

Donkong may not be a household name just yet, but this is one innovative bass duo who you can bet are about to blow up the scene with their unique brand of moombahton/dance-hall madness.

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