T.H.E Interview – Slaptop

San Francisco based producer Slaptop, recently announced the release of his new album, “With You,” which features collaborations with a whole host of musicians.

T.H.E Interview – Marcello Marotta

Marcello Marotta is a well established House DJ and producer from Italy, constantly entering the Top 100 House Charts.

T.H.E Interview – Corey James

Corey James, recently acclaimed as Liverpool’s best-kept secret is certainly one to listen out for.

T.H.E Interview – John 00 Fleming

‘Open-till-close’ is a term John 00 Fleming shies from these days. Aside from being “just the latest bandwagon in electronic music”, it in someway also implies ‘limitation’, something he’s never seen real dance music as having.

T.H.E Interview – ISSA

ISSA is an American female House Music Producer, DJ, Musician and Vocalist. In 2015 – 2016, ISSA had 3 Consecutive #1 Singles topping the Dance Charts, as well as received support from influential DJs and Dance Music Radio on a Global Scale.

T.H.E Interview – De Martijn

De Martijn is a well established DJ from Italy. He gained Top Sales Gold Award in France with “Through the Waves” in 2016.

T.H.E Interview – KVR

KVR is a 17-year-old producer from Holland. His debut remix for Nathan Goshen’s ‘Thinking About It’ turned into a considerable Spotify hit.

T.H.E Interview – Craig Connelly

The last twelve months in music production have been prolific to say the least for Craig Connelly, with no less than 11 Beatport Top 10 selling Trance productions.

T.H.E Interview – Arjun Vagale

Arjun Vagale has been the flag bearer of the Indian electronic music community for years. An illustrious career spanning two decades, has seen him widely celebrated as the pioneer of Indian Techno.

T.H.E Interview – Filous

Filous, the nineteen year old Austrian multi-instrumentalist who captured fans around the world last winter with his updated reinterpretation of “Let It Snow”, recently returned with “Goodbye” featuring highly-celebrated singer-songwriter Mat Kearney.

T.H.E Interview – Alix Perez

Alix Depauw AKA Alix Perez is arguably the most sought after producers in the Drum and Bass scene around the globe. A career spanning for more than a decade, Alix Perez has already released two studio albums in ‘1984’ and ‘Chroma Chords’ with 1984 being regarded as one the finest drum and bass albums we’ve heard in the recent past. Alix Perez’ is widely regarded as the most versatile producers in ...

T.H.E Interview – The Chainsmokers

Grammy winning duo – Alex & Drew aka The Chainsmokers, have been tearing up the dance music scene in the past year. With a brand new album coming out this year, the duo are all set to conquer 2017 and top the charts yet again. We sat down with them for a little chat about their upcoming album, their growth as musicians and loads more. Here’s what went down.

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