Here’s what you definitely need to carry for EVC 2016!

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If you are on your way to this year’s edition of the Enchanted Valley Carnival, chances are that you might have also opted for camping at the beautiful campsite. And if you have opted for camping, we are sure you must be wondering about the things that you should carry with you to ensure that the entire experience remains a memorable one.

Well it can be a tough question to answer (especially since the festival is almost upon us) & that’s why we have the perfect solution!

We reached out to Alan Walker, Fedde Le Grand, Juliet Sikora and Robbie Rivera and got them to share their suggestions of the 5 things that you definitely should carry on this trip. Cheers! πŸ™‚

1. Alan Walker


I must say that these five essentials come to my mind: a tent, my phone and headset so I can work on my music, food and something to drink.

2. Fedde Le Grand


I think for me the top 5 would be:

– Rave shades – sunglasses are always an essential must at a festival. If you’ve had a heavy night before, the morning sun can be very unforgiving. Get those shades on.

– Ear plugs – these have a dual purpose. First, if you’re close to the speakers and still want your hearing when you’re older you’d be wise to wear noise cancelling ear plugs. As a DJ playing shows regularly I carry mine everywhere. Second, it can get very noisy at festival campsites so wearing them while sleeping will give you a better nights sleep!

– Portable charger – this has now become a must at festival, it’s never nice getting split up from your friends then realizing your phone is dead. Take a portable charger and you can use your phone all day to take pictures, shazam, and call that one friend which seems to always get lost πŸ˜‰

– Wet wipes – you have to keep fresh. Don’t go to a camping festival without them.

– Snacks – you tend to walk a considerable amount at big festivals so you work up an appetite quickly, festival food can be expensive so having snacks like energy bars/crisps can be invaluable.

3. Juliet Sikora


You should definitely have those with you!

a. Shot glass on a chain (be prepared to meet new friends with this;))
b. Confetti
c. Soap bubbles
d. Ear protection
e. Love, Peace, and Happiness

4. Robbie Rivera


Here’s my pick – Water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, sunscreen & an iPhone.

So what do you think? Don’t forget to share your 5 must carry essentials you would definitely carry for a trip to the Enchanted Valley Carnival!

For more details on EVC 2016, click here.

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