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Alix Depauw AKA Alix Perez is arguably the most sought after producers in the Drum and Bass scene around the globe. A career spanning for more than a decade, Alix Perez has already released two studio albums in ‘1984’ and ‘Chroma Chords’ with 1984 being regarded as one the finest drum and bass albums we’ve heard in the recent past.

Alix Perez’ is widely regarded as the most versatile producers in the scene. His styles range from deep and meditative liquid tunes to some ridiculously face melting productions which makes him one of the most daring producers out there.

Other than releasing music as Alix Perez, he is a part of the ultra Supergroup “Richie Brains” which consists of massive heavy hitters in the industry like Om Unit, Stray, Sam Binga, Fracture, Fixate and Chimpo . Alix Perez also boasts a side project with the American producer Eprom called as “Shades” and they have been responsible for giving us some brain shattering tunes we’ve ever come across.

2016 got off to a flyer for Alix Perez which saw him release the genre defining Arkestra EP along with London based trio Ivy Lab. Soon after the release, Alix Perez confirmed that he will start his own label called as ‘1985’ and the idea of the label will be to release music across the board. The label kick-started its business with the Elephant Dreams EP by Alix Perez and his close friend and the Exit records badman, Skeptical and since then the label has put together some fantastic tunes featuring Eprom and Alix Perez himself. We caught up with the Belgian born producer to know more about his experiences over the years and of course, 1985.

Sagar – Hi Alix! How you doing? Where are you speaking to us from?

Alix Perez – Hey guys, I’m just back from touring and finally back in the studio this week.

Sagar – By far THE most versatile and forward thinking producer the Drum and Bass circle has seen, how would you like to describe your sound?

Alix Perez – I like to mix dark and light. Taking different avenues is important to me when writing, I get bored with repetition. I think it’s fun to keep people guessing as to where my next record will do in terms of sound and mood. It also keeps me sane and feels refreshing, you know!?

Sagar – From “1984” to “Chroma Chords”, your fans witnessed a relative shift in your production techniques/styles. What was the inspiration behind shifting from your conventional patterns to something different while working on Chroma Chords?

Alix Perez – Chroma Chords is a stamp on where I was at the time, personally and musically. It’s a departure from 1984 although it still retains some of it’s flavours. It was around the time when I was really starting to experiment in slicing the tempo in half and experimenting with space. It’s a real mixture of influences and inspiration and also a step towards making less conventional music. It wasn’t really aimed at the dance floor.

Sagar – I’ve read about your mum’s influence in getting you into Drum and Bass and DJing altogether. How influential was your mother’s presence in your musical journey?

Alix Perez – I first started my relationship with dance music, when my mum and I both moved to the UK. She had a record collection as well as turntables and a mixer. My real interest sparked when I attempted putting together her early Jungle records. Also lots of techno, from R&S to Detroit joints and so on. This eventually led me onto trying to make my own records and getting into production. She definitely has been a mentor and huge influence throughout the years, still to this day.

Sagar – Do you manage to squeeze in any actual downtime when you aren’t touring or in the studio?

Alix Perez – Not as much as I would like to but I love what I do, so it doesn’t feel as strenuous. I do try and take a solid break once a year to disconnect and reflect on things. It’s definitely important to revitalise and clear the mind.

Sagar – After the first meet during Northern Bass, how did the initial idea crystallize into collaboration with Eprom?

Alix Perez – Our relationship grew after both producing tracks for a Foreign Beggars EP in Los Angeles. From there on we connected on many levels and started a few tracks together. The whole SHADES thing happened very naturally. When we work together it’s very fluid, we share the same vision for the project.

Sagar – You have worked with DJ Rashad, whose loss was absolutely heartbreaking to the music community. Can you describe his influence on you and your music?

Alix Perez – Rashad was very influential on me as producer, and that goes for many people. When we worked together it was the first time we’d properly met. Same with DJ Spinn. We met via Delphine (Ashes 57) who has worked closely with the boys and is heavily involved in TEKLIFE in general. She connected us (Thank You). I’ve collaborated with various artists over the years but he brought a different vibe to the table. He radiated amazing positive energy and was so passionate about his vision, it was really special. It’s hard to describe really but I’m humbled we spent time together, even if so little and made something to be remembered. RIP

Sagar – 1985 was certainly a massive highlight in your career. How did the idea come about? Was it on your mind for a long time to start your own label?

Alix Perez – The record label has always been something that I wanted to pursue . I just felt to do it only when the time felt right. 1985 is about creative freedom, it’s a medium to push the music I feel and want to champion without compromise.

Sagar – What is the defining goal of the label in terms of producers and productions going forward?

Alix Perez – Versatility is key with the label. So far, we have mainly pushed my music with the label but I’ve signed and envisage to grow with other artists in the future. Artists who fit the vision, the sound and aesthetic of 1985. Artists who are pushing things forward!

Alix Perez is all set to release his first EP of 2017 along with Skeptical which will be released tomorrow.. Grab your copy here.

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Sagar Deshmukh

Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.
Sagar Deshmukh
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Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.


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