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Grammy winning duo – Alex & Drew aka The Chainsmokers, have been tearing up the dance music scene in the past year. With a brand new album coming out this year, the duo are all set to conquer 2017 and top the charts yet again. We sat down with them for a little chat about their upcoming album, their growth as musicians and loads more. Here’s what went down.

Khushrav – Hi guys! How have you been doing lately?

The Chainsmokers – Been doing great! Things are just really busy, but busy is good 🙂

Khushrav – You’ll have a brand new album coming out this year. What got you to finally come out with an album and what can we expect from it?

The Chainsmokers – Well we aren’t giving away much in regards to the album. We prefer to surprise everyone but we are really excited about it and think our fans will really enjoy it. Its got a little bit of everything and as song writers it really shows our progression. We felt like we finally had a story to tell and it seemed like our fans were ready for more than just some singles. SO we will see what happens.

Khushrav – Could you tell us a little bit more about your growth as musicians?

The Chainsmokers – We have grown a lot as musicians. Our confidence has grown and we are much more comfortable in the song writing process. The music has become more real and personal, which to us makes it a process and a lot more organic. Sometimes we definitely struggle with ideas and creativity but we are lucky in that we get to travel a lot which gives us a lot of inspiration.

Khushrav – ‘Closer’ has been one of the standout songs over the past few years. But a lot of people are still trying to figure the meaning of those lyrics! 😛 Is there a story behind those?

The Chainsmokers – We don’t want to ruin the song for anyone, music can mean anything to anyone. We were telling a story of a couple that has broken up and since found each other only to be reminded of all the reasons why they didnt work out… sort of an un-sexy sex song. But we just hope the many different lyrics relate to different people and mean different things.

Khushrav – Has there ever been a time either of you thought of giving up?

The Chainsmokers – Never

Khushrav – You play all over the world in the biggest festivals. What countries would you like to visit in 2017 and what countries are to looking forward to revisiting?

The Chainsmokers – We would love to visit Malta, Iceland, Chile, South Africa, Bali and go back to Australia!

Khushrav – Could you tell us about some quirks about each other?

The Chainsmokers – Over the years we have become the same person but we both have a really bad habit of picking our noses, Alex is a horrible morning person and if drew doesnt eat he gets super moody.

Khushrav – What is the craziest gift you have ever received from a fan?

The Chainsmokers – Honestly, no one gift stands out we just love reading fan mail. It reminds us why we are doing what we do and that our music is reach people and having a positive effect.

Khushrav – One artist that you want to work with.

The Chainsmokers – Kanye west!

Khushrav – One thing that you love/hate about electronic music.

The Chainsmokers – We love the community that is dance music, it a community that is so welcoming, you come in as an outsider and catch the bug and next thing you know youre a decade deep. Thats what happened to us a long time ago.

One thing we hate is that the trend of it, what we mean is you hear one style get popular and then everyone follows suit and beats it to death, it would be great if there was more originality and we aren’t calling anyone out, we all have done it ourselves but its important we all make an effort to continue to push the genre forward.

Khushrav – On an ending note, how about a message you’d like to give to your fans reading this?

The Chainsmokers – We love you guys, we say it all the time, we are nothing with out yall and we are going to work our asses off in 2017 to continue to bring you new exciting music and shows.

Khushrav – Thanks so much guys. Wish you all the best and see ya soon!

The Chainsmokers explain the story behind their latest single – Paris

Header image courtesy – aLIVE Coverage.

Khushrav Bhada
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Khushrav Bhada

DJ, Podcast host and team partner at T.H.E, Khushrav is a music enthusiast whose interests spread across all genres from electronic to RnB to classical opera.
Khushrav Bhada
Follow me!
DJ, Podcast host and team partner at T.H.E, Khushrav is a music enthusiast whose interests spread across all genres from electronic to RnB to classical opera.

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