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Filatov & Karas, are a DJ/Producer duo from Moscow, Russia. They recently released a brand-new track, a riveting synth-led single called “Time Won’t Wait”.

Check out our chat below where the duo tell us how it came about and how did it all start for them.

T.H.E – How did you come together as Filatov and Karas?

Filatov & Karas – We used to work as solo producers under other aliases and we’ve known each other for many years. Then we decided to collaborate in the studio as a duo. We received good feedback from all the three Swedish House Mafia members. Steve Angello even was interested to release the tune on his imprint Size, but nothing happened. But we thought that it’s a good song and we should continue as a duo. Then we created a project called Red Ninjas and we made an album, which we debuted at Amsterdam Dance Event. Some labels told us they were excited about it, but nothing happened. So we started to produce a lot for the local Russian market and we started to get more and more remix requests. So the first big success was with the remix for ‘The Good, The Bad and The Crazy’ by Imany. It spent 11 weeks at Number 1 on iTunes in Russia. After the success of the Imany remix, we did ‘Don’t Be So Shy’ and it blew up. So now there are no more separated artists Filatov or Karas. Only Filatov & Karas.

T.H.E – Being from Moscow, how do you compare the city’s music scene to Europe and the rest of the world?

Filatov & Karas – It doesn’t matter in which country the venue is situated. The most important are the people behind the party. There are idiots in every city. Sometimes we got unpleasant stories with the over-drugged warm-up DJ’s playing Hardstyle EDM before us, with fights on the dancefloor. But if the promoter’s team are professionals – if they know what to do to make the party successful – it’s great! And the professionals are professionals – doesn’t matter in which country are they.

T.H.E – If you had to choose, digital or analogue?

Filatov & Karas – If we are talking about the songs/albums we miss audio cassettes. It is much cooler to feel the music in the hands. You can’t touch an mp3, but regarding the synths, we prefer software. The process of the recording with the analogue synths is more complicated than on software. We were spending the big part of the time on the setup instead of spending it on the music.

T.H.E – What early inspirations helped shape your sound?

Filatov & Karas – The music of 90’s and 80’s, I think those decades are the ‘golden period’ of music. Some Italo-disco sound that was popular in The Soviet Union. And the progressive & house music of the 2003-2005.

T.H.E – How has working on independent label Ultra been?

Filatov & Karas – We could give an answer on this question properly when ‘Time Won’t Wait’ would become a big hit! We know that they are working hard to make it happen. And no doubt this is a professional team.

T.H.E – What would you say is the meaning behind ‘Time Won’t Wait’ is?

Filatov & Karas – It’s a love song and it’s a song about the moment. The moment that gives you the only chance for a “success” with the girl that you shortly met.

T.H.E – The track has a futuristic sound, with old 80’s elements. Was this unique blend something planned?

Filatov & Karas – Of course! It’s the typical Filatov & Karas sound with the new elements. We never copy-paste the presets of our tracks. All the time we are trying to keep up our style, but we also try to introduce something unique each time.

T.H.E – How would you define the track in 5 words?

Filatov & Karas – Music for the pretty girls. We saw on Instagram that Conor McGregor listens to our music, so it depends!

T.H.E – Is ‘energy’ in your productions important to you?

Filatov & Karas – Our music is not about the energy – it’s more about the mood. But the energy is important. Everything matters.

T.H.E – What upcoming plans do you have for the summer and the rest of 2017?

Filatov & Karas – This summer we are in the line-ups of the biggest festivals in Europe. We are not even able to announce some of them yet! And a lot of super cool remixes/tunes are coming. We hope also to find a second vocalist for our live project this summer.

Listen to ‘Time Won’t Wait’, here.

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