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FREAKS’N’BEATZ recently presented his second single – “Fire”. Hard and melodic plus a great blend of melodic and tuff beats, “Fire” brings pure Dubstep sounds on a powerful drop.

We caught up with the mysterious producer and spoke to him about this single, Freaks Army label, Freaks Army sessions, future plans and loads more.

Valarie – Welcome, Freaks’n’Beatz. Thank you for making time to talk with us. It’s a pleasure to have you here.
FREAKS’N’BEATZ – I am also very pleased to receive support from you! Being a new artist is always nice to give an interview and share your thoughts and music with a wide audience.

Valarie – You’re a Musician/DJ/Producer from Los Angeles, California. How would you describe the style of music you’re making?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – During my studio experiments, I tried to find an unusual sound. Create a kind of hybrid of electronic music with broken rhythms, while it sounds clear to any listener. I prefer Dubstep and Trap, if you listen to my first single “Shadows” and especially recently released “Fire” – this line is clearly visible in my work. If you really want to understand what i mean, check my SoundCloud.

Valarie – How did your name come about?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – Freaks’n’Beatz is more than a musical project, it is a whole philosophy associated with Dubstep and Trap music and lifestyle in the style of EDM. The name of the project was not difficult to come up with, because in fact the Freaks’n’Beatz carries a very simple message – be who you are, enjoy life and go for the set goals. Mysticism surrounding my image only increases interest to the project, this line is inextricably linked with the philosophy of the project.

Valarie – Your newest single “Fire” is out now, released on Freaks Army. Can you tell us more about how it came about?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – The idea was to create a hard and melodic tune, which include pure Dubstep sounds. The objective was to create a song that would continue the mystical story about me. If you compare my first single “Shadows”, which was rather a Trap song, and the new single “Fire”, the “Fire” is a real Dubstep – one of my favorite musical directions.

You can listen to it here.

Valarie – Your debut single “Shadows” was released earlier this year? And the video is so creative. How was the concept created for the project?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – The music video “Shadows” became the embodiment of the idea of the first single “Shadows”. As our shadows follow us on the heels, so I pursue the main character in my video. Also my first official video is my first appearance in public. I really wanted to shoot it from my point of view, so I could convey the full storyline to the viewers.

Valarie – On top of releasing/making music, you have your own radio-show called “Freaks Army “. Why the nickname? What is the purpose of your radio show?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – Freaks Army Sessions: this is a monthly charge of freaky mood, exclusively fresh musical material, as well as those tunes that embody the ideas of the label Freaks Army. In the releases of the Freaks Army Sessions you will not hear any passing track. Everything is selected very carefully from the point of view of energy, music quality and stylistic characteristics. This is a nice addition to my own production, with which I would like to introduce as many Freaks as possible!

Valarie – What’s in store for the “Freaks Army” merchandizing brand?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – My merchandising brand fully reflects my concept for everyday life and EDM lifestyle! In fact, on my site you can find very interesting things from USB flash drives and wildly funny freaky mugs to very stylish backpacks and jackets, which I myself wear in everyday life! Click here to check out the latest updates and pick something for yourselves.

Valarie – What do we have to look forward to from you in the future?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – I want to tell my faithful freaks that the third single is coming along, which you will really like! To those who are just getting acquainted with the project of the Freaks’n’Beatz, I will say that I have done a lot of work on the first two singles, and now I’m doing the next work, just in time for the summer season of the festivals. Besides that, I’m busy writing the debut album. More on the album, I’ll be able to tell you later, and now I’m just glad to see how my Army of Freaks grows and how my listeners are waiting and welcoming every new work I do.

Valarie – Top 5 artists that inspire you?

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – Inspiration is a very delicate matter. In fact, I’m more inspired by life itself and the opportunity to write music! Returning to the question, right now I’m inspired by such artists as: Borgore, Bro Safari, Marshmello, Zomboy & Noisia

Valarie – Thank you, Freaks’n’Beatz for taking time out to talk to us here at T.H.E – Music Essentials. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Can’t wait for what’s next! Best of luck!

FREAKS’N’BEATZ – Thank you for support T.H.E – Music Essentials! Also I’d like to thank all my fans and listeners! You help me to move on! Follow me on Facebook and ask your questions! I will try to answer all personally! Big respect to all the Freaks Family all around the world!

Valarie Morris

Valarie Morris

Friends call me Val! I believe music is a journey, like life and its meant to be shared.
Valarie Morris
Friends call me Val! I believe music is a journey, like life and its meant to be shared.

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