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Let’s scrap the nonsense and get started on telling you about the Swiss born deep and future house DJ and producer, Breeze Records and events owner and basically an all-round good guy that loves a party. Holding residencies at Lavo and Marquee in New York and Las Vegas, Miami’s LIV & Story, Omnia San Diego and more, there is an amazing buzz for Zurich’s notable artist. From the sold out shows and billboards lining the streets of Europe to infinite releases on some of the globe’s leading dance labels, we’ve got the goods on Gil Glaze.

Check out our chat with Gil below, where he talks about his musical influences, favourite records and more.

T.H.E – Where are you from?

Gil Glaze – I was born and raised in Zurich Switzerland to South African parents.

T.H.E – Were you always musically inclined growing up?

Gil Glaze – I always loved music but really couldn’t find exactly what I loved about it. I played piano and saxophone for a few years as well as attending summer camps while in Middle School and High School, where I studied music broadcasting and DJing. I knew music was something I wanted to do when I went to study at Clive Davis School of Recorded Music at NYU. My mom was a ballerina so she had an ear for music but besides that no one in my family was interested in music.

T.H.E – What inspired you to start making house music?

Gil Glaze – I got into the nightlife scene quite early and that’s where I really fell in love with the DJ scene / live music. When I was growing up I was influenced by house music so I listened to progressive house as well as deep house. I started producing deep house when I studied music production at university. I always wanted to produce something clean and not too noisy and that’s where the melodic deep house genre came about with me.

T.H.E – What artists would you say are your main influences?

Gil Glaze – My favourite DJ is Kaskade. I opened for him twice in New York and once in Miami. To be honest the first time I saw his name I didn’t expect a lot but when I opened/closed for him the three times I never left the booth and never once checked my phone. His DJing is something really special unlike every other DJ just playing the top hits. He digs back to find old songs which really work in the club and one after another simply gets the crowd moving. His energy and performance is what influenced my shows.

T.H.E – Can you tell us about any forthcoming hot tracks and remixes?

Gil Glaze – The past month has been absolutely crazy. I have so many remixes finished, which will be coming out soon. The first is a remix I did for The Chainsmokers which is currently on rotation on Sirius XM and was just premiered in their Nice Hair Radio show. I really am excited about that one since the track is from their newest album. The second remix is one I did for the label Sony & the artist CLMD. More I cannot announce yet! As for originals I just released two tracks before the summer. One is a melodic piano track without any vocals and is made for the clubs while the other is a radio track with amazing vocals from Madi Rindge. Both are complete opposites which I like!

T.H.E – What other places are you looking to take your music? Where do you aspire to travel?

Gil Glaze – For me my mission is to always play in cities that have a meaning for me. I am playing this summer in Lithuania at Radistai Village. Lithuania is where my ancestors are all from. Two years ago I played in Australia and that was special since my parents lived there for some years. My next big goal is to play at Ultra South Africa since that’s the country where my parents were born & raised. With regard to my music I am trying to make music which is more for the radio since my last tracks were more club driven.

T.H.E – What’s the favourite club you’ve performed in anywhere in the world?

Gil Glaze – Definitely Marquee or Lavo New York. Those two clubs are like my home since everyone there is now like family and the clubs are so hospitable and professional. The crowds are always wild no matter what night it is.

T.H.E – What three records never leave your record box and why?

Gil Glaze –

EDX – Breathin (I love this track and is by far my favourite from EDX, every time I play this in a club people start moving)

Marco Illy – The Healing (This is a track signed to my label & I love playing it especially since it is always nice to support your fellow locals!)

Just Kiddin – Won’t Let You Down (Love this style & the piano in this)

T.H.E – What does the future hold for Gil Glaze?

Gil Glaze – Lot’s of touring! I just moved back to Switzerland from New York but will try to be back a lot in the US. For now I’m focusing more on originals and hoping to get them signed to a big label in the next months. I just recently got signed to 4AM Agency in the US and Sirup Artist Agency in Europe so will now begin taking my career to the next level in the next few months so stay tuned!

Gil Glaze’s ‘Naked” ft Madi Rindge is OUT NOW on Sirup Music
Watch: https://youtu.be/yakvaY35iIc
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Interview and words by Ray Vonn.

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