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Jack Aisher otherwise known as jackLNDN kick started his career after witnessing Fatboy Slim behind the decks at the revered Space in Ibiza.

A classically-trained multi-instrumentalist, the British DJ went on to perfect his production skills and released his debut single ‘All I See’, which has gained nearly 1.5 million Spotify plays to date. Alongside his original material, Jack has also reworked tracks for the likes of Louis The Child, Michael Calfan, Le Youth and SAINTWKND to name a few. His remix of Felix Cartal’s track ‘Drifting Away’ is one of his most notable remixes to date – having hit #1 on HypeMachine’s Remix Charts.

Recently, he unveiled his new single ‘Never Get Enough’ via Ultra Records.

Set to make a strong statement this summer, ‘Never Get Enough’ flaunts a full-bodied bassline, soft percussion and twinkling synths, underpinning Jack’s smooth vocal performance.

Check out our interview below where Jack talks about his inspirations growing up, love affair with Ibiza, and reveals his plans for the rest of the year.

T.H.E – What were your inspirations in music growing up?

JackLNDN – I grew up around a lot of classical music, playing and singing as a kid. At home though it was mostly jazz, with my mum playing a lot of disco in the car too. In my teen years I got a little more into the high energy stuff, moshing and whatnot, drum and bass tied in with all that too. Pendulum were still playing their live band shows back then and people were going bonkers to it.

T.H.E – How did you find the name ‘jackLNDN’?

JackLNDN – I had moved out to Switzerland and was DJing in the Alps and the name kinda stuck. It started out as Jack from London, then it was Jack Blackout for a bit. (I blew the system in a club onetime, lights, sounds, kitchen, everything), but then once that blew over it sort of morphed into JackLNDN.

T.H.E – Tell us a bit about your love affair with Ibiza?

JackLNDN – Well…the white Isle was where my eyes were truly opened to dance music for the first time. I knew electronic music, but I had never seen it like that; all the insane lights, expensive production, mad sound and the best party people from all over the world. It was right after my 18th birthday and I saw Fatboy Slim on the first night, it blew my mind. As did the low key day parties on the beaches where, in the local secret spots silver haired geniuses spin vinyl only all afternoon. Disco classics with a cocktail in hand and your feet kicking around in the water. People say it’s being spoiled, often they just don’t know the right places to go.

T.H.E – How would you describe your music style in three words?

JackLNDN – Soulful Vocal House

T.H.E – How do you get the best out of your studio time?

JackLNDN – I work insanely fast, so I never have an issue there. I also have a great home studio, and some great writing zones too. So basically all the time is studio time, we even have a piano in the kitchen so I’m always jamming and developing an idea or two. I’ve learned to not force it if things aren’t flowing though, it’s almost always better to step away and do some other things, relax, exercise, rest and come back at again in the evening or the next day.

T.H.E – Your new single ‘Never Get Enough’ displays your strong vocals, have you always been a confident singer?

JackLNDN – Since I was a kid yeah. I sang in choirs growing up, numerous times a week. We covered a lot of material and I got my chops up quite fast through all that experience at a young age. I sang in a band too during my teen years, and my vocal style shifted away from a classical one to a more modern sound. It took me longer to learn how to write good vocals though, that’s the skill I’m really working on now – Songwriting.

T.H.E – ‘Never Get Enough’ has gained thousands of Spotify and Soundcloud streams and your debut single ‘All I See’ has gained nearly 1.5 million Spotify plays to date – is the digital era something you embrace?

JackLNDN – Whether I like it or not ha! Something about me wishes we were back in the days of vinyl, where people wanted to own their music, rather than stream it. I still get a buzz leaving the record store getting to own and take home a physical piece of art. It makes it so much more special a progress acquiring and listening to music. Streaming has made us musicians and what we create a much more throwaway product, good for a few minutes or less, consumed in a completely different way than before. People will happily pay for coffee but not music, which is weird to me considering only one of those lasts forever. That said you have to play the cards you are dealt, and streaming helps me reach all kinds of new audiences all over the world. The music reaches more people in more places than a traditional sales model ever could, and regardless of what that earns you, it’s always cooler to have as many people listening as possible in as many countries as possible.

T.H.E – How did you come to release on Ultra Records?

JackLNDN – Twerking hard!

T.H.E – What was the experience of sharing the stage with some great names including Annie Mac, Sub Focus, Chase & Status, Joy Orbison and Pendulum like?

JackLNDN – This was in the earliest days of my career so it was extra formative. I got a regular slot at Fabric so brushed shoulders with some really big people. I think what I learned most was that I had to great my own music, my own identity beyond spinning records in order to climb any higher on the ladder. I got to deck shark a lot during their sets, so learned a trick or ten everytime.

T.H.E – What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

JackLNDN – I have a lot more music to release, much of it with me singing songs about my life. I’ve really launched into writing full lyrics and verses with an aim to showcase my vocal abilities but moreover to connect on a deeper level with my listeners. Beyond the music, I’m touring the live show and continuing DJing across America and over into Asia and Europe too this summer.

Check out ‘Never Get Enough’ here

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