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Off the back of previous offering ‘Save Myself’, Max Vangeli goes back to his roots with his “Roads EP”, out on via NoFace Records.

Check out our chat below, where Max talks about releasing new music and touring.

Varun – Hi there, Max! Thanks for taking time out for this interview! How has this past year been for you?

Max Vangeli – It has been incredible! Thank You! The biggest thing was just kind of having fun again with everything I’m doing including music!

Varun – We’re loving the current crop of music from No Face Records! What’s the inspiration behind the label and how do you plan to take your brand of music forward via the label?

Max Vangeli – Thank You! And yes the plan is simple, to try and be as creative as we can. It’s not an easy task to find good records but we try to be the very best we can at what we do!

Varun – The ‘Roads’ EP was hotly anticipated and we actually couldn’t wait to hear the whole thing! Can you tell us more about this new EP and the direction of music that has inspired you from your old sound?

Max Vangeli – It’s been an interesting past few years and I think it was just time to go back and try something from the past! I’d say it was more of a case of missing that good feeling and trying to re capture it one more time.

Varun – We’re still listening to a bunch of classics like ‘Swedish Beauty’ and the other stuff with AN21! How has the transition in styles been for you as a producer?

Max Vangeli – It has been an interesting transition but I wouldn’t say it was a hard one though. It was fun doing things differently and sort of be your own boss with the label. Those classics do still get played every now and again in the studio!

Varun – You’ve worked closely with the folks at Size Records in the past. Do you plan to re-unite with the label and release music in the future, maybe?

Max Vangeli – SIZE is something and has always been close to me and I’m sure we will work together again.

Varun – As a veteran in the industry what are some of the downs that you’ve seen or faced through all these years?

Max Vangeli – Probably the hardship of consistency and understanding the correct way in staying relevant. That is probably the hardest thing to understand and it took me a long time to grasp that. I would say I’m still learning.

Varun – After touring for so many years, what is the one thing that you look forward to when you go back to a particular club or festival?

Max Vangeli – I love the feeling of killing it a second time! When you can do something successful twice, that has always intrigued me the most! And seeing the fans of course!

Varun – What’s next on the agenda on the touring front?

Max Vangeli – Lots of things coming up! Orlando, Miami, Europe as well! Planning my Roads tour will be the main focus!

Varun – Your 5 Essential tracks at the moment?

Max Vangeli – Well the first 3 you already know! And the other two would have to be Kumasi, by WILL K and Sebjak, and probably my next single with Andrew Rayel!

Buy/stream Max Vangeli’s ‘Roads EP’ via the following link.

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Varun Marwah

21 year old Dance music artist with a proximity to behind the scenes action.
Varun Marwah
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21 year old Dance music artist with a proximity to behind the scenes action.

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