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Only 17 years old and on the verge of conquering the electronic music world, it’s safe to say that Mesto not only makes future house music, but he is literally the future!

Under contract with Spinnin’ Records, collaborations with well-known artists (like Martin Garrix), and played last summer at Ushuaïa Ibiza and Dreamfields Festival, Mesto is definitely on the road to become a well-known producer in the DJ scene, who’s sounds will soon be heard all over the world.

Talking about sounds, up next in terms of releases for Mesto is his collaboration with Curbi – BRUH, which releases on Musical Freedom today.

Check out our chat below where Mesto talks about this collaboration, pioneering a fresh new sound and loads more.

Varun – Hi Melle! Thanks for taking time out for this interview. How has this past year been for you?

Mesto – First of all: No problem! This year has been absolutely crazy. Signing to Spinnin’ Records, releasing Chatterbox with Fox Stevenson and already got to play so many shows!

Varun – You’ve pioneered a fresh new sound, always bringing something new to the table! How did you discover your sound and what kind of music did you make before you actually developed the signature future house sound?

Mesto – I always try to be as original as possible For example: blend two styles together and combine them as one. I like to mess around with different styles and make them my own style. 3 years ago (when I started making music) I was just messing around like everyone else who starts with making music. My first ever tracks sounded like crap haha, but by making mistakes you learn from them. That’s how I developed my skills & own sound.

Varun – How did you get signed to Spinning Records at such a young age and what essential tip would you give upcoming artists who are trying to make it in the scene?

Mesto – My best tip would be: Don’t focus on getting signed. Make music and put it online. Build a fanbase, put more music online. Labels will come to you at a certain point.

Varun – You have so many cool tracks coming up this year! ‘Bruh’ with Curbi has been dominating mainstages already this year. How did the track come about and what aspect of both your styles did you’ll focus on?

Mesto – I have sooo much new music coming. The one with Curbi is the next one indeed. It’s been supported at the main stages and big DJ’s & producers a lot. That’s so cool to see.

I met Toby (Curbi) I think now a year ago. We were both playing on a party in Holland. After I signed at Spinnin’ records we started seeing each other a lot, so we kept in contact and made a track together!

Varun – You’ve experimented with Drum n Bass, with ‘Step Up Your Game’! Any new genres or sub genres of music that you admire at the moment and would like to produce in the future?

Mesto – For now I have a lot of “Mesto” kind of tracks coming. More House orientated. But I’m always experimenting with new sounds & styles so maybe in the future there will be another experimental track released…

Varun – If you could choose to collaborate with your favorite producer and idol, in the near future, who would that be?

Mesto – The biggest goal for me is to work together with John Mayer, Coldplay or Kings of Convenience. Might not what you expected, but those are my idols! I would also like to work together with Oliver Heldens, because he’s the one that made me start producing music.

Varun – From an unknown producer to touring the world at a very young age is always exciting! Has your journey seen any downs so far and any shortcomings that you wish to avoid in the future as an artist?

Mesto – It is for sure! And I’m loving every moment of it. Of course touring can be hard sometimes because of the jetlags etc, but what you get back for it is too special to avoid it. I would avoid this for anything.

Varun – You’ve been touring regularly for the last couple of years now! What countries do you plan/would like to visit soon? Also, which festival has been on your wish list that you would like to debut at?

Mesto – We confirmed really cool shows for this year. I’m playing at Magnetic Festival in Prague, and also Belgium, France and more. Unfortunately I can’t tell everything yet….

Varun – Outside the world of dance music, which pop/Rnb (Or Any Other Genre) artist would you like to produce for in the future?

Mesto – John Mayer. I went to see him live 4 years ago, and that was absolutely crazy. He is such a good artist and very musical.

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Varun Marwah

21 year old Dance music artist with a proximity to behind the scenes action.
Varun Marwah
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21 year old Dance music artist with a proximity to behind the scenes action.

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