T.H.E Interview – Needs No Sleep


Since emerging as one of Australia’s most forward-thinking bass music producers, Needs No Sleep has been pushing boundaries with his evolving Bass/G-House sound since day one.

Continuing to produce out of Melbourne after breaking into the Aussie scene a few years back, Needs No Sleep has been gaining traction on both his home turf and with international DJ’s and fans alike.


As we approach the drop date of his new single “Who Can Do”, we grab the producer for a quick chat ahead of its release on the prestigious Vicious Recordings.

T.H.E – Hi Needs No Sleep! Congratulations on your latest release. How are things with you at the moment?

Needs No Sleep – Things are great, been working real hard on a lot of music and have been doing so to great avail. Some epic originals and a few new remixes on the way in the upcoming months.

T.H.E – Are you already well underway with this year’s round of summer gigs? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to really kick-start a good summer party?

Needs No Sleep – I’ve just signed new booking partnerships with two agencies – one for Europe/Asia and another for Australia so things are going to be moving very shortly! When I play – as cliché as it sounds – it’s about reading the crowd. Each party is different and will require a little something special to get the floor moving and vibe going. So being versatile and being able to switch up what you play is key.

T.H.E – Your new track takes a lot of influences from G-House, while staying true to the classic, hard-hitting Bass House sound we all know and love. Which influences in particular do you try to incorporate in to your sound and how did you come to find your own specific style?

Needs No Sleep – For this track, I made it more for festival and club main room sets. It hits a bit harder than my last single ‘Get Dirty” does so I would play it in a set that was more high energy than a smaller club situation.

T.H.E – What inspired you to write this track in the very beginning?

Needs No Sleep – I came up with the vocal phrase and progressed from there, I then wrote a build-up and drop, and then the breakdown for it as follows.

T.H.E – You’ve graced the renowned Aussie label Vicious Recordings with your music before. How does it feel to be working with the team again on your latest release?

Needs No Sleep – The Vicious team are great to work with! Having been around for 22 years they’ve got experience and networks that are invaluable to helping get music heard and played.

T.H.E – Tell us a bit about your name. Where did the idea for ‘Needs No Sleep’ come from?

Needs No Sleep – When I start working on something I really commit to it and will work till whatever time I finish it. I’m constantly staying up late to finish stuff and thought that the name was appropriate as a moniker.

T.H.E – What else can we look forward to from you this year?

Needs No Sleep – My next release will be on Uprise Music and will be a collaboration with Sebastian Bronk, called “Trash”. I also have a couple of remixes that will fill in between my single release dates.

T.H.E – Finally, tell us something about Needs No Sleep that fans may never have guessed…

Needs No Sleep – As I did with “Who Can Do’ & ‘Move That Ass’ I like to record my voice and put that into the track. It’s great for a number of reasons, as it means that its completely original and there’s no chance of someone else having used the same sample which I have seen happen to numerous producers.

T.H.E – Thank you for your time!

Needs No Sleep – Thanks for the support!

Listen to, and purchase ‘Who Can Do’ here.

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