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After hundreds of productions as solo artists and twenty years as solo acts, producers Lars Van Dalen and Mike Moorish joined forces. From the underground, they have created Quiet Disorder for a new beginning as a duo.

Already, they have been making some noise. Debuting on the legendary label Cr2 with their first release and two recent remix releases on Monstercat! 

Recently, the duo came together with Simon Field and released their new single, “Don’t Wake Me Up”. Check out interview below where Quiet Disorder talk about this, their top 3 artists of all time and plenty more.

T.H.E – Tell us about your new single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’

Quiet Disorder – The whole process started almost a year ago actually when Simon Field sent us the vocal with Aleksander Wallman.  Simon told us he had tried a couple of ideas to build a track around the vocal, but never settled for anything and was curious if we got some ideas from the vocal and maybe wanted to try and do something together.

We´ve known Simon for some time and done a couple of remixes for him and became good friends, so why not give it a try!

Then we had a session trying to make something with it, but never got anything that we were happy with.  At this point we were trying to write something in «normal» club bpm around 126 bpm, but I think we deleted like 3-4 ideas before we took a little break from the whole project.

Then all the sudden Mike sends me a text saying what if we change the tempo, and make a fusion of this and that…

Mike gave it a session or two working out the core elements, and we worked on it from there.  We do our best to experience as much as we can, and don´t want to get all locket up in one tempo etc, so this track gave us a great opportunity to try something different.

We feel we have made a great cross-over track with a lot of Quiet Disorder elements in it, but also a great track to listen to because of the great vocal!

And so far the reactions have been great!

T.H.E – Does this mean we should avoid you both in the morning?

Quiet Disorder – Haha!  Absolutely!  Lars is not a fan of mornings and Mike is more a night person!

T.H.E – Is this new sound something we can expect to hear more of in the near future from Quiet Disorder?

Quiet Disorder – We like to experiment with different stuff, even though some might know us for our more club orientated tracks.  We also got some more vocal tracks coming, we made dubstep with Pegboard Nerds and got some greater club tracks in the pipeline also.  So we try to keep ourselves motivated with different stuff all the time!

T.H.E – Who are three of your all-time favorite artists, past or present?

Lars –

  1. Pet Shop Boys: The reason my parents bought me my first keyboard in the 80´s!
  1. The Prodigy: The early rave stuff really got me inspired!  Also saw them a few times live and it really opened my eyes on what was possible with electronic music!
  1. Faithless: I still remember the summer of 96 when «Reverence» came out.  That really changed me.  I remember how surprised I was on how they did the album, without any gaps between the tracks.  Everything just became a long mix of music, and I´ve listen to the whole album over and over again..  Always dreamed of making a track with Maxi Jazz!

Mike –

  1. That is a hard question, but I must say the artist/song that really got stuck in my head in early years is Shannon – Let The Music Play.
  2. The Prodigy: No doubt the best electronica band ever. With the crazy synth-lines and banging breakbeats.
  3. Knife Party: Here is one of my biggest inspiration source today, not much to say except the productions are sick! Not just the music, the audio also…big, boomy and clean at the same time.

T.H.E – Is there a particular tune that you have never got sick of?

Quiet Disorder – I guess it varies, but I (Lars) never seem to get tired of the 2 first Pet Shop Boys albums. I guess the music you grow up with tends to stick.

T.H.E – Describe your perfect day…

Quiet Disorder – Start off with a few strong espressos followed by a stress free, creative and inspiring day in the studio!  All closed off with a BBQ in the backyard in the evening!

T.H.E – What would people who know you well say about you in three words?

Quiet Disorder – Creative, passionate and stubborn.

T.H.E – Ideal studio layout?

Lars – Actually I got my new studio a year ago that I´m super happy with!   It´s in my house, soundproofed and acoustically treated, so never need to leave house!

For me it needs to be a place I feel and get inspired, with good sound and ergonomics!

Mike – I recently got myself a new soundproofed studio room in Oslo with nice acoustics and light. I think it is important to have a place you can go to and just be able to focus on what you do.

T.H.E – What is your most valued material possession?

Lars – I would say my overpriced Italian espresso machine…  Can´t live without it!

Mike – Agree, what we would do if we didn’t have those!

T.H.E – Is there something musically you would like to do more of next year?

Quiet Disorder – Definitely more tracks with vocal! But also not being stuck in one genre and always try out new ideas and styles!

Grab your copy here.

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