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Deyonta AKA Stoner, a young, determined and conscientious man from Reading, UK – who unfortunately lost his eyesight at a very young age, is making big waves on the music scene.

Not one to be defeated by life or allow depression to succumb him, he is on his way to fulfilling his passion for music and life, and make a difference. Now Stoner makes truly heartfelt music which resonates with people from all walks of life, and he is gaining some fantastic traction from this.

People are not only gravitating towards his great music, but his strength of mind, heart and character to endure – and crucially his story. In a short time, Stoner has received acclaim from and met artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Kano, Giggs, Skepta and more. Most recently, Tinie Tempah personally reached out to Stoner to meet him, take him out.


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Check out our chat below where we talk about how despite faced with difficulties and challenges, Stoner managed to overcome the odds.

Swati – Hey Deyonta! Thanks for taking the time out for this interview. First of all, let us start off by congratulating you on making big waves in the music industry in such a short amount of time. We would like to know when and where did it all begin?

Stoner – It all began when I lost my eyesight and when I went to Brixton 6 months after that and went down to the studio. My boys and the people around me made me feel inclined to go down to the studio. Yeah I have always been musically inclined.

Swati – Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who did you look up to or wanted to be growing up?

Stoner – Wiz Khalifa, was a massive influence on me because of how genuine and positive he is. There is no bad energy, he’s a stoner he stays consistently high and he’s still so positive. Losing sight at such a young age destroyed me, my family and good friends I would say that I kept myself driving through the ordeal, as much I was supported by my loved ones. I rap about the truth and my story because it doesn’t feel right when I don’t talk about something relevant to me. The same energy wouldn’t be given off.

Swati – Throughout the years, how have people responded to your music? Has it had an impact on the story that you want to tell via your songs?

Stoner – People have responded to my music amazingly in the first year. The response just inspires me. I’ve got fan stories of people that I’ve inspired, all the artists that you see me with tell me that. Ghetts and many of the other U.K. Artists have told me this as well as everyday talented stars on the rise.

Swati – We are all looking forward to your collaboration with Tinie Tempah. We are sure him reaching out personally to you would have been very motivational. How did it feel?

Stoner – When Tinie Tempah reached out it was lit, like proper lit and amazing. But i have a long way to go, I have to keep doing it though. I’m not even a quarter way there yet, I’m just around good people that is all it is.

Swati – Ending the interview on a positive note, any word of advice for upcoming artists trying to breakthrough?

Stoner – My word of advice for any artists trying to break through is to keep going, keep pushing, keep pushing.

Swati – Wish you the very best Deyonta.

Stoner – Keep up to date with my music and journey follow my story on Instagram – stoner420_uk

For those able to attend, Stoner’s hometown debut performance will be this Friday May 5th at Eva’s Nightclub in Reading, UK!

For any music, social or business related Stoner enquires, please contact Jemiah Douglin at: [email protected]

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