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We can always expect raw grit and aggression from JPhelpz and he has not disappointed with his brand spanking new EP – The Leveled, released 24th February on Firepower Records.

I had tons of fun listening to this EP, I sure as hell could not keep still. Can’t help moving to the infectious beats and his signature mechanical, robotic basslines.

First up the title track, “LEVELED” sets the bar of the EP, as it should indeed. An epic, cinematic intro to the track which makes you imagine the Autobots marching out to face off with the Decepticons. It doesn’t take long to reach the break as the build up rolls in with a robo synth. JPhelpz uses a lot of interesting sounds in the track. It’s a decent track, which is great for a gaming or movie scene. Great vibes, awesome subs.

“Double O 7” is the next track of the EP with yet another epic intro, giving off a spooky feel. Subtle piano keys with choir pads wrap our ears, followed by the introduction of a cool rhythmic percussion loop. Incomes the drop with more JPhelpz ear quenching, brain melting basslines. This track is so good for the dark and enclosed atmosphere of a club. You can totally lose yourself with the subtle balance of the pads and the piano, together with the angry basslines.

Now comes “Turn It Up” which is the heaviest track on the EP. Head banger track of monstrosity! Absolutely great for the festivals. Its uplifting but in no way is it cheesy. JPhelpz uses similar sounds to previous tracks and throughout the album, but this track has way more variations in the robotic screams and growls. Pleasing to the ear of bass fans, noisy to old people. Favourite track of the EP!

The second last track of the EP is “WOAH”, and another favourite track for me. It has elements of trap mashed together with dubstep. Its not as aggressive as the other tracks on the EP but still keeps the appeal due to the bass melody and interesting percussions in the beat loop. JPhelpz used droplet sounds, triangle hits here and there. Starting off smooth, incorporating a Reese lead, kicking in with the subs and melodic mechanical synth. Stellar track!

Mama Mia! That’s n spicy meatball! *Insert best Italian Accent* oh yeah, the last track of the EP is a fun one – “Spicy Meatball”. The track has some interesting breaks and transitions. Kicking off with some cool reggae vibes, followed by a bit of breaks to take us into the drop. This is where we revel in the sound of Jphelpz, pure bass, pure fun. He even threw in some chiptune melodies for more variation at the half point of the track. All throughout the track, he changes the sounds he used within the similar patterns to create more energy. Awesome track.

Overall, it’s a great EP, it made me want to dance. I definitely felt the bass pulsate through me. However I felt there could have been more that JPhelpz could have done. Some bits of the tracks felt generic. I feel the music and I appreciate it, its still JPhelpz and he did pretty good. Get your copy and judge for yourself.

Azasia Durgapershad
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Azasia Durgapershad

Bass music enthusiast who is a slave to the dark beat and believes that dance music is a state of mind. PLUR follower!
Azasia Durgapershad
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Bass music enthusiast who is a slave to the dark beat and believes that dance music is a state of mind. PLUR follower!

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