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Anyone who is familiar with L Plus will recognize that he has been an absolute veteran in the Drum & Bass circle.

Probably not the most celebrated artist but L Plus has given us some fantastic tunes over the years. Ever since L Plus landed on Drum sound & Bassline Smith’s Technique Recordings he’s been consistently impressive delivering some ridiculously high energy tunes. L Plus has blessed us with his hard edged, big room drum & bass anthems. He’s one of the labels most consistent names and his live DJ mixes are full of energy, power, heavy basslines, rolling beats and full of atmosphere.

In the build up to his album, L Plus kept teasing us with samplers of his album in the last quarter of 2016. The wait is finally over, L Plus’ Hideout LP is out and we can assure you, it is a 15 track monster.

The title track, Hideout, lays out the blueprint. Never quite predictable, the tune takes us on a quirky journey through a structural experimentation, and that’s just in the intro. Make no mistake, though, L Plus hasn’t compromised on sheer rave-hyping ability either, the huge build-up is definitely warranted by the weight and power of the drop. And that trend continues in the entire album.

One of our favourites from the album “Timelapse” takes us into a straight up dumb mode. Another rowdy stomping drop, featuring immense grinding sweeps of bass, delivers on that build perfectly. And, of course, things don’t stop there. You’re going to want to let this one run right to the end, to take in the full majesty of the visceral deconstruction of the tune in the extended outro.

Technique Recordings album without some heavyweight collaborations is plain criminal. The mighty John B passes through on Original 80’s, to push some synth-pop and electro flavours to the limit. Muffler joins in on the un-categorisable orchestra-meets-filth of Cinematic. Drumsound & Bassline Smith add their spin to the melody and griminess collision of Jetpack. Plus the rock-solid mic man Coppa graces Lock to the Greatest with his presence to add a whole new facet to the sound.

The anticipation for the album was justified, it is a God damn blooter. Check it out!

Grab your copy here:

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