Check out the lyrics of Armin van Buuren’s collab with Vini Vici – Great Spirit!

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How often do you come across popular tracks (with lyrics) whose lyrics are difficult to comprehend? Well, we have come across one such case here.

Last month trance legend –‘Armin Van Buuren’ along with psychedelic trance duo – ‘Vini Vici’ and French live trance group – ‘Highlight Tribe’ released this killer track, “Great Spirit”.

“Great Spirit” is an infectious trance track with a nice element of psy-trance. It has been a huge hit ever since its release. However, the lyrics are difficult to comprehend and people, who are aware, have no idea about the meaning of the lyrics. Check out for yourself –

Wakan Tanka, Hunkaschila
Wohitika Oyate
Nagi Tanka, Tunkasila
Akicita, Oyate.
Wiyan Wakan, Hanhepi-Wi
Nakacijin, Oyate.
heyyy… ayy… hee… ooh!

Wakan Tanka, Hunkaschila.
Wohitika, Oyate.
Niyaha, Le Mita Cola.
Kiksuyapi, Oyate.
Wicoti, Mitawa Wichasha
Wakan Mitakuye, Oyasin.
He… Ayy… Heeee… Ahey!

If anyone knows or is able to crack the language of the lyrics or the meaning of the lyrics, please do let us below in the comments!

Until then, listen to the track below:

Ranjiv Asher
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Ranjiv Asher

A 22 year old lover of music, food, cars and sports. Believes that music will take you places and life's better when you're golfing.
Ranjiv Asher
Follow me!
A 22 year old lover of music, food, cars and sports. Believes that music will take you places and life's better when you're golfing.


  1. Great Elders[1], Young Men
    Brave Nation

    Great Spirit, Grandfather
    Peaceful[2] Nation

    Holy Woman, The Moon

    Great Elders[1], Young Men
    Brave Nation

    Feather, My friend[4]
    Remember[5] the Nation

    My village doctor[6]

    All Are Related in one Nation[7]

    [1] meaning god
    [2] originally means “peacekeepers”
    [3] not very sure on what “nakacijin” means
    [4] referencing eagles
    [5] roughly; could be “don’t forget”
    [6] “wichasha wakan” means “medicine man”
    [7] not toooooo sure on the ending

    • where there’s just a word “nation” it’s supposed to say “unknown”, sorry about that

      • When they take reference to “medicine man” refer to great warrior or a lucky man for his village, like a hero.

  2. What language is that? All I know is it sounds very much like a Native American language.

  3. Sacred Young man
    Be brave, for nation
    Great spirit, grandfather
    Be peacekeeper, for nation
    Holy woman, the moon
    Be Loyal, for nation
    heyyy… ayy… hee… ooh!
    Sacred Young man
    Be brave, for nation.
    Feather, my friend
    Don’t forget, for nation.
    My village’s Medicine man (Hero), we are relatives, for nation
    He… Ayy… Heeee… Ahey!
    PD: They don’t use possessive adjetives (mine, your) because the “Myself” don’t exist in this language.
    Medicine man is a hero, not a healer.

    • Thank you both, Rhys and Aaron.
      I got to understand and appreciate even more this track, now.
      What tribal language or dialect is it? Any idea?

      God bless – Namasté!

  4. I’ve been looking for the lyrics and found it here. Thanks to ‘Aaron’ to help me to understand this. I’m in love with great spirit.


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