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Noisia have had nothing short of an incredible 12 months. Last summer’s ‘Outer Edges’ album became one of the standout artist releases of 2016, earning them 3 awards at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards (Best Producer, Best Album with ‘Outer Edges’ & best video with ‘Mantra’), ‘Best Album’ at the UK Drum And Bass Awards, and contributed towards them receiving the Beatport award for ‘Best-Selling Drum & Bass Artist’.

With ‘Outer Edges,’ they didn’t just make drum & bass but they made Noisia music; and their ability to operate and thrive completely in their own lane is inspiring. The album’s consistency in futuristic concepts, its ability to transport you to different worlds, and its bar-raising production and execution made it one of the best releases of 2016.

‘Outer Edges’ is now set to get a refreshing remix makeover from 20 different artists. Noisia, are all set to release the ‘Outer Edges Remixes’ album. Released on 7 April, the compilation brings together remixes of last summer’s ‘Outer Edges’ studio album from the likes of Bassnectar, Ivy Lab, Machinedrum, Amon Tobin, Camo & Krooked, Mat Zo, Dyro, The Upbeats, and more.

Handpicked by Nik, Martijn, and Thijs, the artists range from across the electronic music spectrum, with many of the mixes taking the original versions outside of drum & bass entirely – something Noisia were keen to achieve with this project.

“We wanted to have our album Outer Edges remixed by a lot of very different artists. When we made the album we went as far as we could within our own confines; exploring and stretching the outer edges. That’s why we didn’t do any collaborations on the album. With this remix package we asked a lot of very different artists to take that material beyond our edges, into their respective domains. We are really happy that they managed to take our music into completely different dimensions, with such exciting results!”

We have already seen a glimpse of the remixes in the form of the funky flip given to ‘Get Deaded’ By Machinedrum. Austrian duo, Camo & Krooked took one of the most remarkable tunes from the album “The Entangled” and added their own harrowed textures and tones in the most minimal, mysterious and deepest ways. Another shade of the remix album was provided by Noisia themselves on their weekly radio show. An Ivy Lab remix of ‘Tentacles’ and the remix is one of Ivy Lab’s deepest and deadliest tunes so far.

Mefjus and remixes are a match made heaven. Mefjus has given us some of the most amazing reworks in the form of the Sunday Crunk remix for his label mates Ivy Lab and the ’SMPL’ remix for another label mate, Emperor. Mefjus’ razor sharp neurofunk has made him one of the most exciting acts in the drum & bass fraternity.

Mefjus has given a serious flip to yet another monster track from the album. Known for his ability to operate and thrive completely in his own lane, the Austrian Maestro has given an absolutely deadly flip to ‘Exavolt’. This one goes REALLY HARD and is sure to destroy dancefloors wherever it’s dropped. All distorted rhythms and synths, the remix is a straight down-the-plate banger. This one’s sure to give you the ugly bassface look. You can check the remix below:

You can grab the compilation, here.

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Sagar Deshmukh

Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.
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Drum & Bass enthusiast. Exit Records and Alix Perez Fanboy.

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