Notaker – Born In The Flames


A young American is taking the world of electronic music by storm, and he goes by the name of Notaker.

His tracks are being received to great public acclaim, and it’s easy to see why: they’re made with the kind of passion and creative pedigree that shapes instant successes. Influenced by the likes of Hans Zimmer, Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Above & Beyond, and M83, young Notaker’s new track ‘Born In The Flames is definitely not one to miss.

He had this to say about his latest release:

“For Born in the Flames I really wanted to capture a specifically darker mood than in my previous records. I was looking to make it epic and dark but not ominous. My first idea was to theme the song around fire and how it makes me feel. Watching an open flame burn brings out a primal fascination in us all I think. Using the crackling fire sample helped me evoke some of those emotions in my track and ultimately brings the listener into the world of my song”.

There is no way to adequately describe the track except with the mood it evokes—it possesses a dark and ethereal quality, epic in its might yet not foreboding.

Listen to it here:

Buy it here.

The young American, who’s been making for just under 6 years now, has an undoubtedly bright future ahead. With his next track set to be released on Mau5trap on Mar 24, his 2017 already looks outstanding.

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