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Felix De Laet, better known as Lost Frequencies, has been dominating charts, festivals and clubs at the ripe young age of 22!

Electronic music has been through varied stages of cultural and creative diversity, giving birth to a number of new genres and sub-genres alike. Having pioneered an acoustic fusion of club-esque dance music, the Belgian wunderkind has much to be proud about and look forward to. Lost Frequencies’ music signifies a Post-Club Age of music and further delves into a new form of art and musical structure, a form which has become favorable amongst club and festival goers alike. This new age music has been further supplemented by a wave of radio frenzy and pop cross-overs further dignifying it’s authority in the world map of music.

Lost Frequencies’ debut album ‘Less Is More’, was long overdue and while most fans have voiced their opinion, we had a listen and here’s what we think.

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The album kicks off with ‘All Or Nothing’, a signature form of melancholic house music, characterized by Lost Frequencies, paves the way with a fresh wave of upbeat melodies and smooth guitar chords.

‘Send Her My Love’ adds depth to the album with a change in tempo, and Lost Frequencies beautifully portrays his rendition of downtempo electronica.

‘Are You With Me’ is the smash hit that needs no introduction. The song that put Lost Frequencies on the map to superstardom has been a constant on every dance music fans playlist.

‘St. Peter’ is a feel good deep house track with a calm groove and beautiful pianos.

‘Selfish Love’ switches back to down-tempo territory this time in the form of future bass with delightful arps and soothing chords. The vocals throughout the album have been well crafted and perfectly complement the album.

We’ve already heard variation and creative brilliance from the Belgian, and further in, the album picks up pace with depth and unique sounds and Lost Frequencies does not hesitate to blend in new sounds, as evident in ‘Sky Is The Limit’ and ‘Footsteps In The Night’.

Another smash hit and our personal favourite song from the album comes in the form of ‘Beautiful Life’ featuring Sandro Cavazza! The guitar riff had us humming for days and the gorgeous vocals couldn’t have sounded better.

‘Reality’ featuring Janieck Devy is another gem, and we can’t really pick a favourite at this point. The guitars are beautiful and the vocal fuels imagination and inner passion.

‘Dance With Me’ is another diverse record with glitchy fragments and upbeat vocals.

‘In Too Deep’ switches back to melancholic territory and keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

‘Dying Bird’ is the unexpected curve ball we did not see coming. It is most definitely a treat to listen to and a beautiful rendition of the modern age tropical house style.

‘Funky’n Brussels’ as the name suggest is groovy as they come, with old school vibes and a driving bass that had us on our toes.

We’ve heard some great albums over the last decade and ‘Less Is More’ definitely among our favourites when it comes to creativity and diversification. The signature sounds blend in perfectly with Lost Frequencies’ unique brand of composition, further complemented by a string of high – profile collaborations on the vocal roster, lending depth and character to a near perfect album!

Varun Marwah
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Varun Marwah

21 year old Dance music artist with a proximity to behind the scenes action.
Varun Marwah
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21 year old Dance music artist with a proximity to behind the scenes action.

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