Stylo G x Jacob Plant – Bike Engine (Official Video)


Last month, British beat-maker Jacob Plant collaborated with fellow UK-based reggae artist Stylo G to release their fiery dancehall anthem “Bike Engine” via Skint. Today, the pair shares an eccentric and offbeat music video to accompany the track, conceptualized by LA-based director Keith Schofield.

Beginning as what appears like any cliche music video equipped with bros, a hot chick and cool motorcycle, the video quickly takes an unexpected twist. After only 15 seconds in, viewers learn that the ‘hot chick’ is actually nothing but a pair of legs. It quickly becomes apparent that the bros are merely ‘half-bros,’ literally just torsos and arms.

Digging at deeper gender stereotypes, the surprising and odd video sheds a more humorous light on societal sex norms. Filled with half-people, strange dance moves and rapidly-occurring surprising plot twists, the music video shines the upbeat party track in a whole new light and keeps viewers eyes locked on the screen.

“I wanted to come up with an idea that grabbed the viewer in the first 15 seconds and never stops,” director Schofield said. “I’ve come up with an idea that keeps building and building on a ridiculous premise. The video is completely unpredictable every step of the way.”

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