Why is Calvin Harris so popular?

We’ve all heard of the name Calvin Harris. This article is concentrated on why that is.

Ultra Singapore 2017: Our guide to artists you should be looking out for!

The 2nd edition of Ultra Singapore returns this weekend to Ultra Park. Unlike the first edition, Ultra Singapore is taking place bang in the middle of summer this year (probably to avoid the mess caused by last year’s rains).

Drum & bass may not be the most popular genre but it remains the most technical and daring

‘Drum and Bass is still the bastard child of Dance music’ argues Kasra, who feels the genre never receives the respect it deserves. Despite the fact that the genre is not upheld in the same bracket as House and Techno, Drum and Bass, as a genre, has evolved year after year. From its emergence in the English rave scene in the early 90’s, drum’n’bass evolved and stood as one of the most energetic an...

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