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T.H.E Selects – Top EDM tracks | March 7, 2017

Looking for some new music to fire up your week? Here’s a list of the top EDM tracks every week across your favourite genres so that you can always be up to date with the best and latest in electronic music!

Markus Schulz Presents Dakota & Koen Groeneveld – Mota-Mota

The hissing vent of the open hi-hat, the smack of the clap, metal-on-metal percussion – something wicked this way comes. Going by the name ‘Mota-Mota’, its deeper bass frequencies underpin prowling rhythms, cut with truculent synths, which are spliced in turn with ethereally warped hunting horns.

Markus Schulz featuring Brooke Tomlinson – In The Night

Watch The World were but three unconnected words to Markus Schulz fans this time last year. Thanks to the release of his most expeditionary album to date however, 12 months on it’s a whole different story. A story in fact whose next chapter opens today!

Markus Schulz confirms the return of Dakota

Markus Schulz’s famed Dakota alter-ego is set to return, presenting “The Nine Skies”; a concept debuting in 2017.

Markus Schulz feat Soundland- Facedown (Remixes)

Back in the summer, DJ Mag described Markus Schulz’s ‘Watch The World’ album as “ambitious”, “expeditionary”, and content-wise “for someone from his ‘bloc’, without precedent”.

T.H.E Interview – Markus Schulz [ADE 2016]

Over the last 10 years, Markus Schulz has crafted the individual musical identities of progressive, trance & house into his own unique hybrid sound. The combined influence of his headlining DJ sets; Armada and Coldharbour label releases and highly prominent Global DJ Broadcast radio show have seen him at the forefront of the US EDM revolution.

Markus Schulz – The Lost Oracle (Transmission 2016 Theme)

It stands as Europe’s leading indoor event dedicated to trance music. Once again this October, all roads lead to Prague for the spectacle (and decade-reaching milestone) that is Transmission. Throughout its 10 year journey, Markus Schulz has been pivotal every crucial step of the way.

Markus Schulz – Sestertius

There are many accomplishments within Markus Schulz’s career, which have cemented his legacy in the electronic world.

Markus Schulz & Ethan Thompson – Love Me Like You Never Did (The Remixes)

What does every irrepressibly infectious, summer-champing, night-defining release need? Why, an equally irrepressibly infectious, summer-champing, night-defining remix selection of course! In the case of ‘Watch The World’s first official single, Markus has put together a criterion rebuild edition, which embraces every conceivable time of the day or night. With mixes from NERQ, Nifra, Date Night, A...

Markus Schulz feat. Lady V – Watch The World [Official Music Video]

Having already brought her vocal enrichment to ‘Winter Kills Me’ and ‘Erase You’, for their latest outing together Grammy Award winning songstress Lady V gives voice to Markus’ reflective, metaphoric, world-watching lyrics.

T.H.E Interview – Markus Schulz

‘Watch The World’ is the sixth studio album by Trance producer & DJ Markus Schulz which has been highly anticipated by the global trance community.

Markus Schulz feat. Ethan Thompson – Love Me Like You Never Did (Official Video)

Electronic music made from the soul is, if not quite a lost art, then certainly tougher to find these days. Step forward renowned musician/DJ Markus Schulz, who’s made his new album specifically about putting the soul back in.

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