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ISSA is an American female House Music Producer, DJ, Musician and Vocalist. In 2015 – 2016, ISSA had 3 Consecutive #1 Singles topping the Dance Charts, as well as received support from influential DJs and Dance Music Radio on a Global Scale.

ISSA is back in fine form with her first release of 2017, an instantly ear catching, banging House track, combining driving percussion and soulful, sexy vocals. Delivering a powerful, energetic House Music groover, “Grinding’ It Up” guaranteed to fill the dance floor!

It is an excellent follow up track to “Like I Do”, her collaboration with Deep House producer extraordinaire, Soledrifter, released a few months ago on Kerri Chandler’s label Madhouse Records. Check out chat below where ISSA talks about her upcoming single and loads more.

Valarie – Welcome, ISSA! Thanks for taking time out for this interview. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

ISSA – Many thanks to you for having me!

Valarie – For anyone not familiar with you, you are an American house music producer from Hollywood, California but you’re also a DJ, musician and vocalist, starting off your career signing with EMI Music Publishing as an artist/songwriter, how would you explain your style of music?

ISSA – Pure House Music! Deep grooves, driving percussion, chunky bass-lines, soulful vocals with a sensitivity and an emphasis on the craft of songwriting!

Valarie – What were some of the biggest challenges that you faced when you started off and how did you overcome them?

ISSA – Learning how to treat my music career as a “business” was the biggest challenge for me when I first started off. From the get go I possessed a strong, innate ability for marketing & promotion. The visuals, creation of marketing materials and such most definitely had to match the vibration of the music. I was always self-disciplined and promoted my music persistently. However, other than that, I was way too immersed, focused and lost in the inventive, creative process, the art of performance and my self expression to “come up for air” and pay much attention to the business end. The business side of music is equally as important. Gaining an understanding of it and having control of your own destiny as an artist is something I learned along the way through experience, as I progressed along in the music industry.

Valarie – You’ve had success with your previous tracks such as “Like I Do” (your previous single with Soledrifter which was released a few months ago on Kerri Chandler’s label Madhouse Records) but also huge tracks such as “Get The Party”, “Music Is My Remedy” & even remixing Paulina Rubio’s “Baila Casanova“ to name a few. How do you find inspiration when working solo or collaborating?

ISSA – I typically work on my own: writing, playing all of the instruments, producing the music and when called for, doing the vocals in my own studio, by myself… However, I really enjoy & love collaborating with other producers whom I respect, where perhaps I may just simply lend my vocals or percussion or a small particle towards the big picture!

Valarie – Speaking of singles, you’re upcoming single “Grinding’ It Up” is coming out on March 13th, 2017. How did that come to life & what was the process like?

ISSA – “Grinding’ It Up” was one of those tracks that had a life of it’s own and formed from an idea into a solid concept rather quickly. Some songs flow easily such as this one and others take more time to develop. Either way, I often feel like a sonic sculptor guiding the source of inspiration; shaping sounds, melodies and rhythms to completion.

Valarie – In addition to having a radio-show “Particles Of House Music “, you’ve also founded your own boutique record label called ISSA Music. What made you decide to expand your horizons musically within your career?

ISSA – Yes, I launched ISSA Music, a boutique record label where I release my own productions, as well as collaborative efforts with other artists. I started a radio-show last year where I DJ and showcase some of my favorite House Music. Last but not least, I write and produce my own original tracks and do remixes for other artists and labels… Although these are all separate components and play different roles, they are all connected – they are all individual moving parts of the musical journey!

Valarie – What are your plans for 2017 in order to further grow as an artist in this industry?

ISSA – Continuing to release new music and start supporting the releases by doing DJ dates / touring later in 2017 – 2018.

Valarie – Name 5 artists you would like to collaborate with.

ISSA – Grace Jones, Sebb Junior, Sam Divine, Saison, Hoxton Whores.

Valarie – Thank you so very much ISSA for talking to us here at T.H.E – Music Essentials. It’s been an absolute pleasure! Can’t wait for what’s to come!

ISSA – Thank YOU! 🙂

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