Untold Festival Offers Students An Opportunity To Set Sail For Transylvania In The Great Oxford Vs. Cambridge Literary Boat Race


Untold festival is looking for the very best fledgling young authors to pen down the new great fantasy novel of the century, “The Untold Story of Transylvania”. Igniting the age old Oxford vs Cambridge debate, only one university can reign supreme…

‘The World Capital of Night and Magic’ hundreds of thousands of partygoers flock to the heart of Transylvania every year to see the world’s most sought after DJs and live acts.

What is truly a remarkable region that is known to be shrouded in mystery, the legend of Transylvania continues to enthrall the thoughts and fancies of people around the world year after year and now the festival is looking to spin this story into the greatest new fantasy novel of our generation and they’re on the lookout for fresh blood in their quest to find an author.

Home of some of the finest storytellers in the world, with the likes of C.S. Lewis and R.R. Tolkien, the fathers of the fantasy genre, once students and professors, Untold festival is looking to Oxford and Cambridge to write ‘The Untold Story of Transylvania.’

One question remains, who will write the great Transylvanian novel? Oxford or Cambridge? Reigniting a centuries old rivalry, the ‘blood-thirsty’ Transylvanians have pitted the universities against each other once more, with over 50 students from Oxford and Cambridge already applying via www.oxford-vs-cambridge.com, just hours since the competition was launched. Ready to sink their teeth into this new challenge, the selected team will visit Transylvania, treading in Prince Vlad’s footsteps and gain inspiration from the mysterious “Capital of Night and Magic” and ultimately have the chance to become world-famous novelists.

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