8 Years Of T.H.E: 8 Songs That Have Influenced Franky Nuts

best dubstep songs by franky nuts

Dutch-based producer & DJ Franky Nuts recently has taken the worldwide Dubstep scene by storm.

Having previously released on JAUZ’s renowned label Bite This, as well as being signed to Flux Pavilion’s Circus Records, Franky Nuts is creating an own musical style, by merging powerful vocals and harmonies into a deadly combination.

It’s time to know 8 songs that have influenced Franky Nuts, as part our 8 Years Of T.H.E Campaign.

1. Nero – Innocence

It’s hard to choose between one of the songs of Nero, as most of them are perfect, but this song is just so good.

For me, it gives that perfect balance between “dreamy & spacey” but also dark, futuristic, clean sound design, melodic & heavy.

2. Benga & Katy B – On a Mission

This is such a groovy, bouncy good dubstep song, it shows that this genre can be radio-friendly as well and for a bigger audience than just the dubstep „headbangers“.

I feel really bad that this groove has gone nowadays, so that’s an extra motivation to include this song.

3. Magnetic Man – I Need Air

The supergroup Magnetic Man (Benga x Skream x Artwork) made one album with some amazing songs, one of my absolute favourites is “I Need Air“. The vocal is so well done, it still sounds like a female but also kinda robotic-ish, combined with a more “housey” sound on a groovy dubstep beat is just perfect!

4. Rusko – Dial My Number

I really love this song because it has so much swag to it. Slow & Slacking beats with an attitude.

The talkbox vocal and to wobble finishes it off, an absolute classic!

5. Bro Safari – Follow (Zomboy Remix)

Switching to the more heavy side of dubstep now, the production skill of this song is just immense.

The reverb hitting basses with the insane kick & snare, the groove of the patterns and the immersive intro.

Absolutely loving this banger, something I can always play in my sets!

6. Laxx – Step One

I remember the first time when I heard this, the intro is so uplifting and gives you the feeling that you’ve just won a trophy and then out of the blue, there’s the most minimalistic drop hitting incredibly hard.

I screeeamed out loud in the room like whoaaaaaa.

It was such an eye-opener for me, on how you can make a heavy drop while using barely any elements.

7. Skrillex – Mumbai Power

Skrillex will always be the numero uno for me, he always managed to create something new.

The vocal chops of his are just next level, the combi of trap-based sounds but also DJ sets friendly drums/patterns, it’s a perfect mix of how a song/banger could be!

Also, notice the audio clipping part in the 2nd drop. a lot of people dislike it, but I think it’s so sick and unique, like how do you come up with that.

8. Tchami – Afterlife (Oliverse Remix)

This was exactly at the same time when I made “All I Want”, my vision for that track was to make a dubstep riff but replace it with a “future bass” sound, this remix was just released a bit earlier, but I had the track done before hearing the remix and it opened up my mind a lot. it was just so cool to see someone else with the same idea but a different approach.

Absolutely original and great remix!!


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