8 Years Of T.H.E: 8 Classic House Music Songs That Inspire DJ Bluey

classic house music songs by DJ Bluey

With experience in both the underground and commercial realms of music, DJ Bluey incorporates his years of experience into his new house productions.

Gaining support from Idris Elba, DJ Bluey becomes a new name on the 7Wallace roster with “Wine It”.

To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, DJ Bluey pulled his inspirations together and summarised 8 songs that have greatly inspired him over the years.

1. Solardo – Todays News

When I first listened to this record I was shocked by the extremely crazy vocals talking about hookers and coke, my initial reaction made me feel like I definitely could not play this record.. a moment later the drop hits and completely blew my mind. I love the aggressive rolling baseline reminding me of speed garage, the fast hard hitting percussion keeps you moving. On the second drop i realised that the rude lyrics are rather comical and in fact a very intel way of grabbing the listeners attention. For the ravers having a good time on a positive fun vibe a track like this proved itself to be uplifting, after playing it worldwide i learnt a valuable lesson about psychology and music.

2. Fisher – Ya Kidding (Solardo Remix)

The production on this track really got me, the weight of the bass and how it slams you in the face made me extremely happy and motivated to move. The breakdowns are simple, effective and explosive. Playing this in my sets definitely influenced my production style once again taking me back to the days of garage music. The production style and use of vocal for a lot of Solardo tracks around this time taught me the importance of that addictive baseline and also simplicity in production (less is more). The minor precision changes make such a difference to building the energy within the track. The mix on the track is obviously super important but especially when the track has not so many elements, things need to sit in the perfect place to sound good.

3. Enzo Siffredi – Sometimes (Original Mix)

I love this track and the way the jazzy vocal is used on a house track. spinning it as a DJ made my sets engine every time. People would always dance clap & sing along to the track. The way the bass and sub work together with the kick is especially pleasing to my ear with the bass moving out of the way of the sub on the 2nd kick, giving more space for the vocal and complementing the vocal with the bass melody. These elements of the production are impressive and brings clarity towards the reason for the track being so great. This track would always work even to commercial non house crowds.. all round people pleaser. Somehow the vocal creates a lot of excitement even though you can barely understand what the vocalist is saying!

4. Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel (Live Garage Mix)

I discovered this track at the start of my DJ career as a teenager, I instantly fell in love and have been in love ever since. The lyrical content is amazing and connects with my soul “One love was the focus of the true message” is this not the point of all good music? Love and togetherness! The trumpets are a nice surprise element to the track without being to overwhelming and left in for the perfect amount of time. The bongo percussion elements keep you moving and grooving with that sweet baseline that connected with me at the time having just picked up the guitar. This track always worked great for me at the end of my sets but when played in the middle of a set would cause that “Ooooooo” crowd reaction sound “Just release your soul to the love that’s holding you”. This track just makes sense and feels good.

5. Patrick Topping – Be Sharp Say Nowt (Original Mix)

This track is full of energy and excitement! you have to be careful when you play it because it raises the roof so high all other tracks need to be of the same level of energy or completely opposite! I love the soulful big vocal, the aggressive tech house bassline and the synths make you feel like your on a rocket speeding through space. This track did a lot for many of my sets over 2017/2018/2019. I particularly like the lyrics “The angels in heaven shine on me” very positive and uplifting.

6. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey

This is a great classic house track for me, please everybody in every type of club. Back in 2012 when dropping this track it always destroyed the dance floor, the crowed would not get board and the sing along element was epic with the “Hey Hey” always causing a reaction. I am a big fan of Dennis and again really enjoy the simplicity of the track. This track also taught me the importance of having a distinctive tone of voice with the vocalist sounding like she was from the 50’s. Undeniable hit.

7. Dennis Ferrer – Mind Your Step

Dennis really got to me with this track, I absolutely adore the way this track builds, the way he automates the sounds coming in and out playing with the release of the cut of and panning the different precision.. then after the vocal the computer game style bass drops in with no kick and grabs your attention whilst the synths are going making you feel like your sitting next to Tony Montana from Scarface. The vocalist delivers a beautiful performance that takes you on a journey and makes you feel emotions and vibes with the strings complementing her confusion and questions in the lyrics. Finally after a full 4 minutes the track drops into a new baseline that is completely unexpected and addictive. You can’t help but break out into a dance at this point wherever you are. If this track was playing in the street I would cross the road dancing! My crowds always feel my energy and respond to it so the good vibes given to me by this track are always reciprocated and explodes the dance floor.

8. George Morel – Let’s Groove

This track smashed more sets than a clumsy chef smashes plates! Growing up raving to garage this one of my favourites, and every time I play it I feel a sense of nostalgia, for the 80’s babies in the room the feeling is always mutual. I guess this track is probably one of my heavy influences as a producer being a massive garage hit. This baseline is completely addictive and just goes on and on without getting boring, when your in a rave dropping this track or listening to a DJ drop it’s definitely and uplifting moment. Its this track and tracks like this that have led me to the understanding that the bassline is everything for me. When producing new material I always start with the base, sometimes with nothing else or just a vocal chop/sample. With the bass from the classic earth wind and fire track being recreated on a house track it also taught me the importance of studying old music from different genres and tempos.

What do you think of this list? Sure is treasure for all house music aficionados. Don’t forget to check out DJ Bluey’s latest single – Wine It.


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