8 Years Of T.H.E: Cosmic Gate Reveal 8 Favourite Clubs Around The World

best clubs 2020 by cosmic gate

German trance duo Cosmic Gate are artists that every trance listener is familiar with.

From releasing classics such as “exploration of space” and having been around as a part of the industry for over two decades, Nic and Bossi have been through quite a journey for sure.

To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, Cosmic Gate put their two decades worth of touring experience to the test, as they reveal their favourite clubs in the world.

1. Ministry of Sound London

best clubs 2020 - ministry of sound

The Ministry still nearly 30 years after opening its doors, sure is on top of clubbing in Europe. The Ministry is big, but intimate in the same moment, its low ceilings and crazy sound and co2 systems are made to support the clubby and dark energy in the room, a room which literally is one dance floor and nothing else.There are no tables or couches on the side, this club is purely made for dancing and nothing but dancing. We have the honour to play 3 times a year for the Gallery on Fridays, and every time new, its a highlight in our schedule.

2. Boothaus Cologne

best clubs 2020: bootshaus cologne

Bootshaus in Cologne is an absolute home game for us, as Cologne is only about 50 km from where the two of us grew up. It has this raw energy to it, one of the last bastilles of true Dance music clubs in Germany, and sure was elected into the list of Top 10 Clubs worldwide from DJ Mag for a reason. The crowd is always down for a great time, pure rave vibe, the outdoor area is very cool too, including German Currywurst :))

3. Big One Buenos Aires:

best clubs 2020: big one buenos aires

Just a beauty of a venue in Buenos Aires is Big One or State how it was named in recent years. The club is an old transformed church with 3 levels of balconies all the way around the dance floor, and is just a stunner. For us it has one of the best vibes we found all around the globe, which on top gets supported by Buenos Aires outstanding crowd. These guys just go and dance all night, they never stop, everyone is always moving, a true outstanding experience we were happy to be part of.

4. Palladium Los Angeles:

best clubs 2020: palladium los angeles

The Palladium in LA, somehow is very special to us. It holds about 4k people and we have been playing our biggest solo concerts in this fantastic venue. Its a enormous Theatre in Streamline Moderne, Art Deco style, and Superstars like Jimmy Hendrix or Steve Wonder to mention just a few, have been doing concerts in this venue that opened doors in 1940, and which maybe makes it the most historical venue on this list. Palladiums stage is big, perfect for both, bands and DJs, the dance floor is simply huge, and with its elliptical shape the dance-floor opens up towards the stage and the DJ. Like this the majority of the crowd seems to be very close and engaged to what the artist does, its definitely one of our fav concert venues.

5. Great Hall NYC

great hall nyc: best clubs 2020

Great Hall/Avant Gardner are our absolute favourites when it comes to Nightlife in NYC. Brooklyn since a few years now seems to be the absolute Club and Nightlife Mekka in the USA, and we had the pleasure of playing Great Hall as one of our favourite shows on our 20 Year Anniversary Tour last year.

6. Marquee Singapore

best clubs 2020: marquee singapore

This relatively new, sensational Venue in the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore is simply nothing but breathtaking. Its simply huge and the extraordinary lighting and the humongous LED wall behind the DJ are a step up to literally all super venues we’ve seen. They even have a big Ferris Wheel inside the Marquee, inviting crowds to watch the show while sitting in, which shows the extraordinary layout and measurements of this spectacular venue.

7. Colosseum Jakarta

colosseum jakarta best clubs 2020

Another gorgeous Club in Asia, we find in the Indonesian Capital of Jakarta, The Colosseum. This expansive multi level Venue sticks out through its huge chandelier and these numerous private balconies and boxes all around,
giving the whole club its colourful, colosseum style stadium feel. its truly unique and definitely worth a visit for every lover of extraordinary clubbing.

8. Hi Ibiza

best clubs 2020: Hi Ibiza

Super Club Space successor Hi, sure is one of these Clubs, that still have the 90s pure clubbing rave vibe on the dance floor, while these extraordinary big tables that rank up towards the sides of the dancefloor, all the way up towards the clubs ceiling, give it a spacious and futuristic feel, simply a super cool place on our favourite island Ibiza.

What do you think of this list? Do you have any favourites you would like to share? Don’t forget to let us know below!

Stream Cosmic Gate’s latest singe – Your Mind.


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