8 Years Of T.H.E: Famba Shares His 8 Favourite Songs Of All Time

best songs of all time english by famba

Dance music artist, Producer and DJ, Famba has become one of Canada’s fastest-rising electronic artists on the strength of his major label releases and widespread remixes.

To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, Famba shares his 8 favourite songs of all time. Featuring some absolute classics like deadmau5′ “I Remember” collaboration with Kaskade, Daft Punk’s “One More time” and more, this is an absolutely top quality list.

1. The Doors – Riders On The Storm

This song has been one of my favourite songs since I can remember. There’s something about the atmosphere that I can’t get enough of. I always tend to listen on rainy chill days. I love listening to songs that are very distant sonically compared to the music I make. I find it’s great to get a different preceptive.

2. Toto – Africa

Do I need to even explain ? This song SLAPS! Everything about it is perfect. This is usually how I start my days 90% of the time haha!

3. Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember

One of the first electronic songs I ever heard. Still has to one of my favourite prog house songs ever made. I was super into prog house (and still am) when I just discovered this gem. I still listen to this song daily, and think its a certified classic in the electronic music world.

4. Daft Punk – One More Time

This song is weird for me. Every time I listen it gets better. The use of samples and simplistic production is just so on point. I find myself listening to daft punk when I’m over complicating my production process. Every sound has a purpose and a space to live in.

5. Pendulum – Hold Your Colour

Another song I ALWAYS come back to. Honestly the whole album is incredible, but this song sticks out to me as something special. The melodic content in this song blows me away. So much attention to detail in the production. The songwriting is amazing and very unique.

6. Avicii – The Days

Progressive house anthem. The drop & chorus melody are SO damn catchy. One of my favourite songs to listen to for a mood booster. I find it difficult not to be smiling like a mad lad when I’m jamming to Avicii. Rest in peace <3 7. Rupert Holmes – Escape

Instant laid back summer vibes. Any song with a hook ‘If you like Pina coladas’ is destined to be an classic. I blast this every Christmas Eve while making overly strong Pina coladas for my grandmother! (It’s a thing)

8. A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

A Tribe Called Quest is one of my all time favourite groups. Such mellow vibes and powerful lyrics. Old school hip hop at it’s finest.

Whew! What a list, we can’t get enough of it. What do you think of it?

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