8 Years Of T.H.E: Lost Frequencies Reveals 8 Things He Likes About Electronic Music

why do people like electronic music

Felix De Laet, better known by his moniker Lost Frequencies, has soared to success in the international music industry on many levels.

To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, Lost Frequencies reveals 8 reasons why he likes about electronic music.

  • It can have a lot of emotions with just a single lead, and a very rough drop which is more dark, that gets everybody moving !
  • A lot of DJ’s are not scared to go into different genres, which can be very entertaining !
  • It can be produced with very little hardware, so the doors to new producers are always wide open and that is very interesting.
  • It seems like a new style but when you look into it there is so much history behind so much stuff, and that is something I love
  • It brings a lot of people together, also people that don’t really know about electronic music can still have an amazing time at a festival.
  • It pushes artist to create new shows when it comes to live shows, blending electronic music and live instrument but still trying to keep the energy of a DJ set can be challenging but, when achieved in a good way, amazing!
  • The mix of different sounds together, from rock & rap remixes to reggae influence, electronic music can have touches of every single genre, which is great !
  • The variety of styles inside the electronic music scene, from DnB & Dubstep to House to Trance and then EDM, there are so many genres and sub-genres to discover !

What do you like about electronic music? Don’t forget to let us know below!

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