8 Years Of T.H.E: Promising German Artist Nick Talos Shares Tips For Upcoming DJs/Producers

tips for upcoming DJs by Nick Talos

Now in 2020, Nick Talos is one of the most promising German acts of the year for electronic music and is ready to take the next step in his career as an artist.

Having constantly refined his DJing and production skills down the years, Nick possesses the necessary learnings to help the next generation of DJs and producers.

To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, Nick puts together 8 tips that he feels upcoming artists should follow, in order to stand out and be counted.

  1. Create a strategy for yourself – set your goals and figure out how to achieve them. Write it down on a piece of paper. This really helps to always stay focused. Music is a lot about creativity, however don’t forget the hustle.
  2. Do not waste time looking for a manager – because the right manager will find you!
  3. Be visible – even if your fanbase is really small yet. At the end of the day, it is important to tell your story because only then people will stay hungry and others will start to show interest too.
  4. Do not only rely on your music – build a brand. Define who you are and communicate it via social media.
  5. Reach out to potential collaborative partners via the internet. The biggest song of 2019 was an ‚internet collaboration‘ (Old Town Road)
  6. Make music everyday – practice everyday.
  7. Find a way to release music – I know Soundcloud became much harder but YouTube for example allows to release most remixes.
  8. Put your music on Spotify. You don’t need a label for that. Algorithms and playlists can make an independent artist famous overnight.

Don’t forget to share these with your friends that might find these helpful, and check out Nick’s latest single, “Looking To Love” alongside Chelcee Grimes.


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