8 Years Of T.H.E: Panteros666 On The 8 Songs That Inspire Him

panteros666 discogs inspirations

Panteros666’s captivating aesthetic is one that derives from a philosophy that people should embrace the advances of technology and express themselves however they wish to.

His proposition is nothing but unique. To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, Panteros666 mentions 6 songs that have had a huge impact on him.

1. Les Rhythmes Digitales – Darkdancer

I’ve always been obsessed by Stuart Price and his french touch inspired project Les Rhythmes Digitales. The colored hair, the alt-pop classic MTV looks and the infectious hooks, it’s everything I love. Also, a British producer pretending to be french is the exact opposite of me, he’s the Ying, I’m trying to be his Yang!

2. Gorgon City & MK – There for you

MK is a true house music innovator, he came up with some of the best vocal abstract cut-up melodies. Teaming up with Gorgon City on this one gives the perfect blend of pop, melancholic club vibe and house groove.

3. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

It’s one of my favorite classic this year, I play a deeper edit I made at every DJ set. I mean, the energy, the decomplexion, the confidence, the attitude, it’s all coming back in 2020.

4. Offaiah – Somewhere Special

I always have a candid approach to club belters, this one by Offaiah literally blew my mind, the raw energy influenced me a lot.

5. Yves Deruiter – The Rebel

He’s the Belgian master of dark and refined rave party music, and I think it’s important to keep a “rebel” attitude when doing club music.

6. Dave McCullen – Bitch

This one is a tricky pick, it’s pretty tacky but in a great way lol. This uptempo catchy house tune epitomises the early 2000s “bling bling” years when sexy was written in glitter everywhere 🙂

7. Wamdue Project – King of my Castle

One of my favorite track ever. Just put you in a great mood every time.

8. TCTS remix Bazzi – Paradise

This remix by TCTS is pure genius! It really is piano 2020 pop club music at its best.

Is there any song here that inspires you too? Don’t forget to let us know your inspirations in the comments’ below.

Also, check out Panteros666’s latest single on Ultra Music – Catch Me IRL.


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