8 Years Of T.H.E: The Brig Shares 8 Songs That Heavily Influenced His Music

best bass music songs by the brig

The Brig, also known as “The Pirate Of Bass”, is clearly captaining the scene, with his array of singles, including the latest one on Circus Records – Destinations EP.

Showcasing an extremely adept production method, it was interesting to learn more about The Brig’s influences.

“Sometimes when I create music an interesting tune comes to my mind. I start to develop it and eventually realize that I have heard it somewhere before.”

To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, The Brig shares 8 amazing tracks that have indirectly influenced his music.

1. Mistabishi – From Memory (Matrix Remix)

My absolute favorite of all time. I still want to create something like this. It is melodic, sad, and catchy from the first few seconds. The vocals in this track are perfectly combined with harmony and dnb. There is a low quality version on YouTube, I don’t know how it happened, but this low quality adds something to this track that makes it even better.

I’d rate this track 10/10

2. Axel Coon – Close to You

Great main tune. Touching vocal in the buildups. Funky groove in the parts after the drops. I heard this track on a trance compilation CD in 2002 and it stood out among others for its simplicity and diversity. This track has been my favorite for many years. In those days I tried to repeat the main melody of the track but I lacked music education. I was only at the beginning of my career. I’d also rate this track 10/10

3. Ratatat – Mirando

Unusual melodic track, unusual groove. After hearing it for the first time, I looked at music differently. I realized that I can create tracks without being tied to any styles. Сombinations of guitar processings in a track are amazing too. Another 10/10

4. Aly & Fila vs Philippe El Sisi feat. Senadee – Without You (Nhato Remix)

I want to highlight the remix that I like the most from Nhato. The rest of his tracks and remixes are also good. I like most of his works. This remix is just a mega combination of synthesizers and effects. Remix listens in one breath. Nhato has his own style and good quality production, I consider these to be the main qualities for any EDM artists. 10/10

5. Tritonal, Cristina Soto – Still With Me (Seven Lions Remix)

This is a great example of what a melodic dubstep should be like. Beautiful vocals alternate with energetic melodic drops. This track had a great influence on me because it was made in the same direction as my music. Seven Lions showed me with this track that melodic dubstep can be as energetic as brostep. 10/10

6. Savant – The Third Eye

This track perfectly shows how electronic music can be crazy and varied. I like all Savant tracks. I learned from him how to create a crazier style of music. A track can be interesting without good quality, the main thing is a catchy idea and crazy arrangement. Still for me the main part of creating music is the implementation of crazy decisions in arrangement. 10/10

7. Labrinth – Last Time (Knife Party Remix)

I like Pendulum. When they created their more EDM styled side project Knife Party, I was very happy because I like when musicians playing live music turn to EDM. Electronic music comes to life at such moments. This track is a great example. When I’m creating my tracks, I sometimes think about how different parts would be played live on instruments. The result is always quite interesting. 10/10

8. Gomez – Machismo

This track is from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds. The track has an incredible intro, effects, and atmosphere. The movie itself impressed me quite a lot. There were a lot of good tracks but this track stood out for its intro. This intro sample sounds like a synthesizer recorded on an audio tape. Back in the day I tried to recreate it many times. It never worked out but it was a good learning experience. 10/10


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