8 Years Of T.H.E: Oddprophet Reveals 8 Artists That Are Killing It Right Now!

upcoming edm artists 2020 by oddprophet

To celebrate 8 Years Of T.H.E, Oddprophet shares his list of 8 artists that are killing it right now!

TRVCY – Ever since I saw TRVCY pop up on my soundcloud, I fell in love with the signature sound he’s created for himself. It’s exactly what the dubstep community wants out of an artist, high energy and great flow. His Gatekeeper EP on Never Say Die blew me away when I first heard it and has always caused a riot at shows! It was an awesome experience working with him on “Clean Up” as our sounds really did fit together nicely. We’ve been talking about a sequel, but it would have to top our previous one! Whatever he makes I’m sure will be impressive.

OG NIXIN – First met this guy in Montreal last year, then was introduced to his music when we both played the same show. For me, Luis’ music is what riddim should be about. Unique sound design, an evolving execution with additional layers of synth and a bouncing flow. Every additional layer of synths just makes everyone dance harder at his shows. In a growing saturated market, OG Nixin proves that refreshing riddim can still be done.

CONTROL FREAK – This guy deserves every bit of success he’s had over the past month! He’s very capable of bringing heat (as his showcase proves) and is incredibly talented for his age. His breakthrough tune (a remix of Supermerk2 – La Resaka) combines the fiesta vibe lead found in the original song and super hard quarter note basses. You can’t not dance to it. Really excited to see what he’ll do next.

Nosphere – This hidden gem deserves to be mentioned. After premiering on ODIO Records with Mindscanner, I knew this guy would grab attention of the underground circle on soundcloud. Raw percussive hiccup basses with a gritty sustain sub bass. Now with a release on Funtcase’s DPMO, I feel like his career is going to expand exponentially. One to keep an eye on.

Mr. Fink – I don’t get quite as excited talking about other artists as much as I do with Mr. Fink. Very new to the scene with less than a thousand followers on Soundcloud, but the potential is massive with this one. Whilst he doesn’t have too many releases on his profile, the stuff he has been sending me on a weekly basis is unreal. Such a raw sound design and hefty flow, it’s incredible that not more people know about him yet!

BVSSIC – After hanging out with him at Paris and then Budapest late last year, I managed to catch his set. I was asking myself; “where is he getting all these crazy tunes from?” What I didn’t know was that it was an all original set. He is a high quality music making machine and combines heaviness and musicality so cleverly (he can also do the best Marge Simpson accent in the world!) All good reasons for why BVSSIC was one of the top boys to come out of ODIO Records last year!

Kill Feed – My boy has just released a corker of an EP On Black Label this month, following on from tunes like Game Over which I’ve played out in every one of my sets. One tune from the EP, ‘The Valley Of Death’, shows how capable he is as a producer. Kill Feed has really been pushing his identity sound design with this release and has proved to be pretty unstoppable at the moment!

BAINBRIDGE – Hailing from Disciple records, these producers have nailed the ever popular combination, four quarter notes and a sustain over the top. The ‘Genesis’ EP was playing on repeat all morning when I first heard it and gets a great reaction from crowds every time I’ve seen it being played at shows. Always an onslaught of metallic layers. Always impressive.

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