9 Things To Talk About: Lost Frequencies

lost frequencies interview

To celebrate our 9th birthday, we caught up with Lost Frequencies to discuss 9 topics including Ocus Gin, his highlights of 2020, favourite cuisine and a lot more.

T.H.E – How has 2021 kicked off?

Lost Frequencies – 2021 has kicked off pretty quiet after a very busy 2020 – I released my ‘Cup Of Beats’ EP that felt like a stepping stone of tracks that we released during the height of the pandemic, so I really hope that brought some joy to my fans! I have new music coming very soon and worked on building my dream studio last year, as well as launching my own gin brand, Ocus Gin. I’m raring to go again now music-wise and I’m super excited to release my new tracks and, hopefully, we’ll be dancing again together soon!

T.H.E – 2020 was huge for you, with your new EP, and the livestream from the Belgian Palace. If you had to summarise your top 2 moments of 2020, what would they be, and why?

Lost Frequencies – One would be playing from atop the Belgian Palace, 100%, that was such an honor to be invited to launch the festive opening of the virtual tour and be a part of something so historical and prestigious, especially in my home country. Another would be being able to play my ‘Lost Frequencies Live’ shows into the beginning of last year, pre-pandemic. To be able to tour with a full live band was something I’d always wanted to do and yes, although we had to postpone and reschedule the latter part of the tour, I’m looking forward to finally resuming these date with my crew once It’s safe to do so.

T.H.E – We hear there’s a lot more music coming from you, this year! What can you tell us about that?

Lost Frequencies – I can’t tell you too much but I can tell you that I’m super excited to embark on something new, a fresh chapter of my journey you could even say. All will be revealed with my next single later this month!

T.H.E – Would your sound this year be similar to what we have come to expect, or can we expect some surprises?

Lost Frequencies – My next single definitely has some Lost Frequencies nuances, so strong, raw vocals and a country-meets-pop/tropical tone,  but it’s for sure been brought into the new year with a fresher sound. I experimented last year on ‘Cup Of Beats’ with a whole host of different styles from progressive, to even some choiral, gospel-like vocals, but my next single will see something fresh that at the same time, is undoubtedly me.

T.H.E – What are your plans this year for your label?

Lost Frequencies – Lots of exciting things coming under Found Frequencies this year, we had a super busy 2020 and already into 2021, we’ve released some amazing music from names like Funky Fool on his first EP, Greg Dela, Mähr and more – we never stop searching for new music and supporting artists we love across our family roster, 2021 is set to be bigger and better!

T.H.E – Outside of electronic music, what can we find you doing?

Lost Frequencies – Music is my life, but I also love gaming as a hobby and I’m also continuing to build my gin brand when I’m not in the studio, but music will always be my first love.

T.H.E – 3 favourite collaborators so far, and why?

Lost Frequencies – I couldn’t pick just three! But I’d say three of my favourite tracks include collaborations with some really cool guys I’m big fans of. To work with Zonderling on ‘Crazy’ was so much fun as that was the first release on Found Frequencies, so I’m super proud of that and I also had so much fun collaborating with The NGHBRS on ‘Like I Love You’ as I think people didn’t expect us to come together, those guys being an American rock band, and myself a European producer, but I’m constantly inspired by so many different genres and we merged our sounds together for something really original. To collaborate with my bro Netsky, too, was amazing, we’ve also played a few shows together and he’s a great friend aswell as a peer I admire.

T.H.E – Favourite cuisine and why

Lost Frequencies – Pizza, because who doesn’t like pizza!

T.H.E – Plans for 2021

Lost Frequencies – Lots of new music and we’re hoping to see the return of the Lost Frequencies Live shows this year! I also hope we manage to have Tomorrowland back because the Summer just isn’t the same without it… see you in the fields!


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