9 Things To Talk About: Sam Feldt

sam feldt social media tips for djs

To celebrate our 9th birthday, we caught up with Sam Feldt to discuss his top tips for social media management that artists can use, and why social media is important.

T.H.E – Hi Sam, thanks for talking to us and giving your 9 top tips for social media engagement.

Sam Feldt – My pleasure, thanks for having me.

T.H.E – First up – how important is it for you as an artist to be able to connect with your fans?

Sam Feldt – It is vital. With live events not happening over the last year, it has proven difficult to establish and maintain a real-life connection with my fans. I realized digital is all we have at the moment, so it’s super important to stay connected with the people that make Sam Feldt possible.

T.H.E – Which of the social media platforms is your favorite, and why? What’s your favorite thing to do on it?

Sam Feldt – Even though I am not a huge fan of any of the big social media platforms, I like Instagram the most. I feel like Facebook has become too cluttered to even use, and find it hard to connect with the younger platforms like TikTok because I’m quite an introverted person (and a bad dancer too).

T.H.E – What are the best things about social media?

Sam Feldt – The initial vision of social media is/was great. Having a platform to connect with your friends and your favorite brands digitally is essential. Especially during these COVID times where a real-life connection can be hard to establish.

T.H.E – What frustrates you most about social media?

Sam Feldt – The algorithms and their business models. If someone “likes” me, I expect that he or she will be shown my content, without having to pay to boost a post. Right now, when posting to social media, creators are only reaching 1-5% of their followers organically. I believe this should be 100%. They are YOUR followers, right? I believe the relationship between creators and their fans should be transparent, and that there is no room for useless middlemen that charge them every time they want to see each other.

T.H.E – We know that this feeling led you to set up Fangage – can you tell us a bit about how Fangage works and why other music artists should use it?

Sam Feldt – It did indeed. Fangage got created out of my own personal frustration of not being able to reach my fans through the big social media networks. With Fangage, creators can easily create a website where fans can unlock exclusive content and experiences, both paid and for free. This way, creators always have access to 100% of the fan data, reach 100% of their fans and keep 100% of the profits of whatever content and products they sell to their fans. It offers everything a creator needs to maintain and improve their fan engagement, such as text and email marketing tools, follow-to-download gates, and fan submissions.

T.H.E – Does it just work for music artists or could other types of people use it as well?

Sam Feldt – Fangage was built for all creators. Anyone with fans and content can use Fangage to become independent of social media networks, generate extra revenue and liberate themselves from the algorithms. We’re currently serving creators in the sports, esports, music, events, and influencer industries.

T.H.E – So let’s do an example – say a big music artist like yourself comes to India for a 5 city tour, and at the same time you have an album out. How would you be able to use Fangage to connect with your fans in India?

Sam Feldt – Leading up to the tour, I’d be able to see in my Fangage backend who my biggest fans from India are and make sure they know about my upcoming tour by sending them a text directly to their phones. This way, I can sell out the tour faster and make sure my fans don’t feel left out.  I can offer them early access to tickets, VIP upgrades, or a chance to win a meet and greet with me. During and after the tour, I’d be able to post exclusive content about the tour on my Fangage platform, that only signed-up fans can see – to further build up my database of fans in India. Next time, I’d be able to play even bigger venues and connect with more Indian fans!

T.H.E – So as you know, at T.H.E – Music Essentials, we’re celebrating our ninth anniversary. With that in mind, could you give us your 9 top tips for using social media?

Sam Feldt –

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Convert your followers (not yours) to your fans (yours) by building up your own database
  3. If you use paid social ads, make sure you drive them to a platform where they can sign up so you never spend the same dollar on the same fan twice.
  4. Be social – it’s called social media for a reason. Reply to comments and DM’s and be involved in the community.
  5. Tease content on your social media, and send fans to your own platform for the full thing.
  6. Be relevant and actual.
  7. Be personal – show the person behind the handle.
  8. Monetize your superfans by offering them exclusive content and experiences.
  9. Sign up to Fangage.com ;-)

T.H.E – Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans in India?

Sam Feldt – I love you guys and I miss you a lot – can’t wait to be back in India soon!


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