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As part of our 9th anniversary celebrations, Sinego shares 9 favourite cities in Latin America that deserve more recognition for their electronic music culture.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Great for food and cultural exploration. It has one of the coolest artists I know, Alexis Escobar: and people love listening to really good Techno mixed with Xamanic House in places like Creciente. It’s great if you want to learn about low-tempo artists and have the “Tulum” experience without the “Bottle service culture”. Actually I have seen labels like my beloved Orianna being played a lot there.

Cali, Colombia

Cali has an unique mixture of genres like Salsa and Melodic House. It has labels like Miracali doing incredible combinations that work excellent on underground events of Deep House & Minimal House. My recommended place is La Pergola.

Saltillo, Mexico

The architecture is amazing as well as their love for House & Disco and partying until 6 am. If you want to have an amazing blast I recommend “Libranos Del Mal”.

Puebla, Mexico

Great nightlife and the people I love the most in Mexico come from Puebla, If you want to learn about more experimental and indie dance music this is the perfect place. I’d recommend you make a week-long trip going through Mexico City and then finishing in Puebla to make the whole trip worth while.

La Tatacoa Desert, Colombia

Great if you want to listen to good caribbean/electronic music and enjoy clear skies with Anjuna Deep kind of tracks.

Etla, Mexico

Great to visit near Dia De Los Muertos, that’s where the Hardcore version of the movie COCO happens. It’s like COCO + Tim Burton + tons of Mezcal. Great for producers who want to get inspiration of what is the true core of electronic music.

San Pedro, Mexico

This city has an exquisite taste for Dark Disco, Disco, Deep House, specially in places like PEPPER. This is where magic happens.

Cartagena, Colombia

Great to find interesting music fusions with music/labels like Rey De Rocha and new genres like Guaracha (led by labels like Private by Disetti).

Bogota, Colombia

Ok.. this one may seem a little too mainstream. But the Techno and House scene is booming right now with collectives like Onevibe and labels like Nomada Records.


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