9 Things To Talk About: Wolsh

wolsh interview

To celebrate our 9th birthday, we caught up with Wolsh to discuss 9 topics, ranging from his earliest influences, dream collaborators, new single and a lot more.

T.H.E – Hey Wolsh! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. 2021 seems to have kicked off on a promising note for you, especially with your new single, “Blow My Mind” (out tomorrow). How did it come about?

Wolsh – Hello, thanks for having me! I’m really happy to release “Blow My Mind”, this music means a lot to me and the creative process was pretty fast to be honest. I was playing piano and found the song’s melody. I sent it to Nick McWilliams, who is an extremely talented singer and he added this incredible vocal.

T.H.E – Tell us a bit about how you got into dance music. Which artists/songs inspired you in the initial phase?

Wolsh – I first went to a club when I was 13. It was this hype party place in my hometown. The music, lights, energy, the people… it just blew me away. After that I just knew I wanted to be a DJ/Producer. Daft Punk’s “One More Time” was the soundtrack of the beginning of my career.

T.H.E – Which would be your favourite song of all time?

Wolsh – Difficult to pick just one, but “Nothing But Love” by Axwell is definitely one of them.

T.H.E – Brazil has had quite an influence on your music. What is it about the country, its people, that appeal to you?

Wolsh – I’m born and raised in Brazil, our culture is so unique, complex and rich. Everywhere you go here, you will listen to Samba, Bossa Nova and a lot of Brazilian music, which had a major influence on my music style.

T.H.E – You have toured across the globe quite often, which has been the best show of your career?

Wolsh – Definitely Tomorrowland, I dreamed about playing since I first heard of the festival, and when they came to Brazil I couldn’t be more happier.

T.H.E – What would be your dream place to play?

Wolsh – My Own Night in Ibiza!

T.H.E – Who would be your dream collaborators and why?

Wolsh – Calvin Harris and Axwell, because they are geniuses and I would love spend time in studio with them.

T.H.E – One positive you have taken out of the past difficult year

Wolsh – I’ve learned to follow my own path and trust my intuitions.

T.H.E – Up and coming DJ/producer we should watch out for:

Wolsh – Rozzen and Sunroi. Not because they are my friends, but the guys are sick producers!

Stream Wolsh’s “Blow My Mind”, here.


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