Knife Party’s Abandon Ship To Premier On November 10!

Abandon Ship, Knife Party’s upcoming album will be premiered on November 10th, during Zane Lowe’s ‘Album of the Week’ on BBC1, followed by an interview with Rob Swire.

The album will then be premiered in full the next week by THUMP and the official launch party has been scheduled for November 23rd.

Oh Yeah! It’s finally happening, after all the delays, the time is here!

Here’s the complete Tracklist:

1. Reconnect

2. Resistance

3. Boss Mode

4. EDM Trend Machine

5. 404

6. Begin Again

7. D.I.M.H

8. Micropenis

9. Superstar

10. Red Dawn

11. Give It Up

12. Kaleidoscope

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knife partyknife party - abandon shipKnife Party's Abandon Ship To Premier On November 10!