News: 10 year old Aiden Jude proves that age is no barrier, releases new single, “Tonight”!

Recently we have seen a good amount of young aspiring producers makes waves in the electronic dance music scene. With Martin Garrix at 17 receiving a platinum award for ‘Animals’, Aiden Jude is no different. Being born and raised in New York, Aiden has been around music all his life. He credits his father and uncle for introducing him to the music he now loves. Being so young, he hopes to to pave the path for other young producers alike in hopes to do what they love.

Like Hardwell and A-Trak before him, Aiden Jude may be young, but for what he lacks in years he more than makes up for in passion. His lead single “Tonight” marks his first official release into the festival house circuit, pairing a big room top line with a thunderous break. An inspiration to aspiring producers still in grade school, Jude’s debut is now available on Beatport.

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