News: “Bassnectar – 26 news songs done and a new album on the way!”

In the past six months, there’s been a conspicuous absence of Bassnectar. Apparently, Lorin Ashton, the man behind the curtain of dark locks and obliterating bass, has been hard at work in the studio. The result of his prodigious labor (approximately 13+ hours, seven days a week) is 26 brand new tracks, 13 or so of which will see the light in the form of a new album.

In an intimate and illuminating update to his fans, Lorin spelled out the details of the tracks and his extensive creative process. While last summer Lorin was sitting on an LP-worth of material, the bass luminary made the conscious decision to reconsider the collection, stripping away the low end material and sending the raw instrumentals to various vocalists and musicians.

Lorin then proceeded to rework the songs as if they were remixes: “I treated them like an Ellie Goulding song, or a Deftones song,” he says. “I ripped them apart, cut them up beyond recognition, and added tons of weight, heaviness, filth, noise, beats, basslines, sound effects.”

The completed tracks span nearly every genre of Lorin’s diverse love affair with music: “I wanted to reach back into all the various corners of those influences (death metal & grindcore… gangster rap… classical… psychedelic rock… techno/ambient… IDM/glitch… downtempo… trip-hop… breakbeat… trance… every vein of electronic music… folk music… big band… jazz…. acid jazz… mushroom jazz… etc etc etc).”

On top of this all-encompassing approach, Lorin has supposedly collaborated with more than 50 different people on these songs. With all this in mind, the album is potentially shaping up to be the epos of Bassnectar’s storied career.

Check out his complete album update here.