#News: Deadmau5 – EDM Sounds The Same!

We all know Deadmau5 is prolific enough in the studio to fill a 25-track double album, with many more experiments uploaded for the eager horde. As it turns out, though, that’s just scratching the surface of his output.

Speaking to inthemix, Joel Zimmermann, known for his outspoken comments and apparent desire to rub people up the wrong way, claimed the genre’s lack of musical difference was a reason for moving into a techno direction and releasing on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 imprint.

“EDM all sounds the same to me. But with techno – minimal techno, or heavy techno, or neo-progressive techno – fuck, it’s all techno! You know what I mean? It’s got a kick every 4/4, so everything in that realm I’m cool with. I was just trying something different.”

He also revealed that the track had been lying around for a while and felt, along with Hawtin, it would be suitable to release on Plus 8 – the label’s first release for around a year and a half.