How Background Sound Adds To Videos

Can you imagine watching the iconic training montage from Rocky without Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now” blaring in the background, or the opening scene of Jaws without those same two notes pounding dread into your heart? Of course not, right?

So why is music something content creators slack on in their videos? Worries about improper use, the price of licensing…the list goes on.

That said, the bonuses outweigh the downsides. But what exactly are these bonuses?

Well, with our guide on what background sound adds to videos, you’ll have the answer to that question in no time! Now strike up the band, and let’s get into things!

Set the Tone and Create Atmosphere

One of the key benefits of having a background soundtrack is that it helps give the audience an immediate impression of what the world of your video is like. For example, pipe organ music and lightning crashes help tell you you’re in for an old-school horror experience, while eccentric instruments like a slide whistle or clown horn would help point you towards a comedy.

Music can also help set the period your video is set in without any on-screen text or lazy exposition. Synth-heavy pop would indicate the 1980s, while Nirvana-like grunge points towards the 1990s. You can get more info here on how to find different genres of tunes for your video.

Move Your Audience

Another key benefit of background sound is that it can fill your audience with added emotion. This either enhances the emotion already in the scene or introduces a new feeling.

Think about your favorite movie scene of all time. How would the emotion of the scene change if the music was upbeat? Melancholy? Unnerving?

Finding the best way to play with sounds to make the audience feel the way you want helps get them hooked and invested in your production.

Background Sound Informs the Characters

Ever heard the classic film rule of “show, don’t tell”? When you’re trying to show the audience the internal thoughts of your characters without having them say them out loud, play the music that helps express how the characters feels. For example, if a character storms out of somewhere angry, you could have thrash metal music fade in as the character gets angrier and angrier before exploding when they finally head out the door.

You can also use these sounds or music to help tell the audience why a character does a certain action.

Adds Value to Your Brand and the Production

Finally, adding music and sound effects helps make your production feel more professional. Think about if you put the same video next to one another, but one had music, and one did not. Which video would you think had more effort put into it?

For those creating branded content, sounds are also a great way to add integrity to your brand. Consider how much brand jingles stick in people’s heads, or how a strong theme can compel you into listening to a video. Finding smart ways to integrate sound can help elevate brand content from good to great.

Creating Your Next Masterpiece

Now that you have these tips on how adding background sound to videos enhances them, it’s time to get out there and create your next video masterpiece! And if you’re looking for more tips on scoring and providing sound effects for videos, make sure to check out the other articles on our blog!

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