How Musicians Can Beat Stress On Tour

As a musician, there is nothing quite like hitting the open road with your bandmates, touring the world, and performing to adoring fans.

While there are lots of advantages to going on tour, the late nights and constant travelling can quickly take their toll and increase stress levels. To keep you sane throughout the tour, here are some ways you can combat stress and ensure you perform at your best.

Relaxation Techniques

Antisocial hours go hand in hand with touring life, which can exacerbate stress and anxiety. If you’re not feeling yourself, there are lots of relaxation techniques that can slow down your heart rate and keep you going.

Meditation, yoga, and deep breathing exercises are used by millions of musicians and can keep you sane throughout your trip. Whether you’ve just come off stage, or you’re nervous about an upcoming gig, finding some time to try a relaxation technique will do wonders for combating stress.

Listen to Music

As a large part of your tour will be playing music, you may think listening to the stuff will increase stress levels. However, it’s what genre you stick on that matters. After a gig, putting on some calming, relaxing music can reduce stress. Make sure you bring a pair of headphones along for the ride so you can zone out from what’s going on around you.

Exercise Daily

When on tour, you’ll be in a different destination every day, which can bring on stress. To keep your mind clear, getting into the habit of exercising daily can be a great stress buster. This is because physical activity releases endorphins in the brain, which can help keep you positive.

If you don’t have a gym in your hotel, going for a run for 30 minutes can be just as beneficial. Making working out a priority is a must when on tour.

Play Games

When on tour, you need to have gadgets to keep your mind occupied. If you’re feeling stressed and rundown, switching on your smartphone and playing games can be a great way to alleviate stress and give you something else to focus on. If you’re dreading a long-distance journey, playing on or downloading apps onto your smartphone will instantly relieve your mood and help you feel calm and content.

Get More Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is easier said than done when on tour. When you factor in antisocial hours and traveling, you may find it hard to fully relax.

However, you need to be at your best before you hit the stage. If you have problems getting enough sleep, there are certain things which can help. These include meditating before bed, having a soak in the bath or long shower, as well as reading a book. If you’re sharing a hotel room with bandmates, make sure you bring a pair of earplugs and a sleep eye mask to fully zone out.

Before packing the tour van with the essentials and setting off on your adventure, knowing what tactics to use to keep stress levels at bay is crucial for getting the most out of your time on the road.

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