Most Innovative Virtual Dance Music Events Getting us Through Covid-19

Early this year our lives changed and literally everything as we knew it came to a screeching halt.

From a simple date-night dinner out at a restaurant to a 50,000 people concert, nothing is the same. And unfortunately how long we will be in the “new-normal” is still unknown.

While the music industry has clearly borne one of the hardest impacts of the global pandemic, it forced artists and their teams to put on their creative hats and look for solutions. With in-person events practically impossible, most looked towards virtual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and even got innovative with ideas like music festivals being hosted within video games.

If these unique and creative virtual events are a stop-gap arrangement or here to stay, only time will tell.

Here are some of the virtual events we think have outdone themselves since the world hunkered down in place due to Covid-19.

Tomorrowland – Around The World

This event without a doubt blew our minds. Known for their spectacular production levels, Tomorrowland pushed the boundaries to create a virtual island with multiple stages and performances that perfectly simulated a live music festival experience. Showcasing a virtual festival like never seen before, the immersive experience drew over a million viewers from around the world. Viewers tuned in from Japan to Mexico and India to Iceland, all uniting on the magical island of Pāpiliōnem. The power-packed lineup say performances from David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Tiësto, and many more.

Cercle Events – Ben Böhmer Live From a Hot Air Balloon

Cercle Events have been known to host dance music events with artists playing from some of the most unique and spectacular locations from around the world. In one of their most recent events, Anjunadeep’s rising star Ben Böhmer performed a stunning sunrise set while hoisted up in a hot air balloon in Turkey. The entire set was broadcasted took from Cappadocia, Turkey, and featured the stunning “fairy chimney” rock formations and picturesque, rolling hills. This location has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Coke Studio Sessions: Kaskade Live from Grand Canyon Skywalk

Earlier this year, Kaskade became the first producer/DJ to perform at Grand Canyon Skywalk. In a breathtaking two and a half-hour sunset set, Kaskade performed against the background of the Grand Canyon skywalk. The horse-shoe shaped skywalk has a see-through glass bottom and towers 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon floor. Soaking it in almost in disbelief, Kaskade missed no chance to take in his stunning surroundings as the set continued from sunset to dusk and the skywalk lit up with equally stunning lights.

Club Quarantäne

Modeled around the thriving club scene in Berlin and specifically the coveted Berghain, the virtual nightclub Club Quarantäne boasted a 360-degree virtual dance floor complete with club-like elements such as visuals, lighting, etc. and featured sets from DJs and artists across Europe. Since its inception, the club has hosted three parties and seen about 700,000 visitors. A virtual bouncer also ‘turned away’ 40,000 people randomly on the first night. The club aimed to be a fully immersive, socially-distant-yet-social experience for music lovers and avid clubbers to enjoy together. Sets have featured artists like Ben UFO, Dixon, and more.

Martin Garrix live on Dutch Waters

Martin Garrix took to Dutch waters to play a stunning set on a boat as he left fans surprised. After performing at the rooftop of the A’dam Tower in Amsterdam (link ), he then took to the Dutch waters. Some fans joined around him on their own boats to enjoy the set that celebrated Dutch independence on Liberation Day in the Netherlands.

David Guetta United At Home

While most artists are doing their bit to help as well by extensive fundraising, David Guetta has had a couple of United At Home events where he raised hundreds of 1000’s of dollars which he went on to donate to various charities. A recent event was a picturesque set above the Rockerfeller center on the Top Of The Rock set against the New York City skyline. Matching every dollar that was donated himself, his first event raised over $750,00 and the next event raised over $500,000 as well.

While the need of the hour has led to these creative and innovative crowd less virtual events, one thing is for sure, they sure have helped fans get through the gaping hole left by the complete absence of live music events. These were a few of our top picks, what has been your favorite virtual event, and why?

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