The Story Of Hardwell – a journey through the past 16 years of his life

Superstar Dutch DJ and producer Hardwell recently announced his temporary retirement from stage shows, seeing the need to spend time on other aspects of his life as well. The DJ had been on a phenomenal run in his career and had easily been one of the very few influential acts this decade.

Hardwell had teased his fans over the past three days of a huge announcement and the excitement built up almost instantly. In three different captions, the artist gave out the message “It is time to relive my journey through my eyes”.

As fans from across the globe were speculating the release of a new documentary, a final world-tour or the release of new music, the build-up finally culminated into the post which read “The Story Of Hardwell” that was captioned “the past 16 years of my life, let’s share some memories”.

Following this, three posts came up on Instagram with important trivia about his journey so far which spoke about his first encounter with DJing, the year in which his career took off and the number of parties he played at that year.

The Story Of Hardwell looks like a series of posts which will be made in reminiscence of his incredible career so far, bringing his beloved fans much closer to him. While that is certain, the possibility of a documentary cannot be ruled out. If that happens, it will bring a smile on millions of faces on the planet. All we can do now, is wait.

Check out the posts below:

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