T.H.E Interview – Spacey Gray

Spacey Gray is an Australian DJ and music producer that’s been developing his skills and sound throughout the years.

His unique blend of genres and sounds makes for an impressive music catalog filled with powerful bangers.

With every release, Spacey Gray manages to create a special soundscape of different sonic elements that make his tracks an exceptional listening experience.

As he gets ready to release his next hits, we sat down with him to talk more about his background, influences and achievements. This is what he said.

T.H.E – Hello Spacey Gray, how are you doing?

Spacey Gray – Hello. I suppose as good as one can be considering the current climate of the world.

T.H.E – Can you tell us more about yourself? where are you from, what do you do?

Spacey Gray – I am from Melbourne (Naarm), Australia.

T.H.E – How were you first introduced to music? And when or how did you realize this is what you wanted to do?

Spacey Gray – I was first introduced to music production by two close friends back when I was in year 10, which would have been in 2009. Prior to this, I was heavily into Metal, Punk, Rock etc. I have always been in love with music, of any kind. My love for music really evolved in my older teen years where I delved into Electronic music. The first Electronic music I listened to was Ministry of Sound-esque music, as the internet became more prominent in my life this lead to me explore deeply into Electronic music.

Come 2012 after clubbing in my younger days I was inspired to make club music. Since then music production has stuck with me and my sound has evolved over those years. In 2016 I studied a semester of Audio Engineering / Sound Production, so the year leading up to that was when I decided to want to actually make something of my music, however music was put on the back burner albeit still produicing sporadically until early 2022.

T.H.E – How did you learn to make your own music?

Spacey Gray – At the start it was purely trial and error (and still is somewhat ha!). I seldom used YouTube videos, rather try and replicate other artists sounds with any sounds I could get my hands on. I never invested in hardware or anything, just purely sampling or rarely using some VST’s to produce my music. Slowly, the years went on and my sound constantly relative to the tools I had at my disposal.

T.H.E – Who are your biggest musical influences?

Spacey Gray – The three biggest musical influences to me i would definitely say are Burial, Four Tet and James Holden (specifically his Balance 005: CD1 mix, this is truly a timeless and flawless mix which extremely inspired my mixing and producing sound I would say).

T.H.E – What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Spacey Gray – I wouldn’t say I have achieved much in my music other than getting my sound to where it is today. I am content with my sound however, my journey has just begun.

T.H.E – How would you describe your sound?

Spacey Gray – I produce many differnt styles of music, so don’t really have a pinpoint sound I am going for, however most of my tracks are usually somewhat deep, hypnotic and melodic in some way.

T.H.E – If someone wants to listen to your music, which track should they listen to first?

Spacey Gray – Hard one to say, I would say ‘Herb is Healing’ if you like ethereal DnB style music, ‘Mula Avenue’ if you like Electronica or my ‘Thinking’ EP which is my take on different styles of ethereal/psy trance. My proudest works are in my latest EP which is to be released in the coming months.

T.H.E – Is there someone you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

Spacey Gray – A collab with Four Tet would definitely be the artist as he has been a huge inspiration to me for a long time now.

T.H.E – What’s coming up for Spacey Gray?

Spacey Gray – Continue building my discography and developing my sound with new acquired hardware. Also as mentioned I will be releasing a new EP in the coming months.

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