T.H.E Interview – Valoramous

Valoramous talks about ‘Rock The Dome’ came about, message behind the track, and more.

Aditya – ‘Rock The Dome’ is a certified festival/club banger! What’s the creative process behind this track?

Valoramous – Feeling somewhat uninspired, I decided to create another experimental instrumental track. I wanted to see how far I could carry the energy without vocals. As I neared completion on the instrumental track, I knew a certain element was missing: hype vocals.

So, I produced my own vocals for the track. This is the first track to feature my own vocals on the track. Thus, the track is indeed very experimental!

Aditya – What’s your message behind this track?

Valoramous – My message is simple: for sports fans to rock the dome or sports stadium and cheer on their favorite team. I am a sports fan of the Syracuse University (USA) Orangemen Football and Basketball teams. Specifically, for fans of Syracuse University, the track references “The Carrier Dome” (which is also the background image of the album artwork).

Aditya – Would you like to share some nitty gritty details about this track?

Valoramous – Yes. The track includes various types of musical elements: arpeggios, plucks, stabs, synthesizer leads, reese bass lines, violins, cellos, etc. The idea behind all of these elements is to bring the listener on a musical journey of anticipation, excitement, and hype. I want the audience to get pumped, and then cheer on their favorite sports team.

Aditya – ‘Valoramous’, what does your stage name mean? What’s the idea behind it?

Valoramous – There are several meanings behind the “Valoramous” stage name. First, my stage name is similar to the spelling of the “nosotros” or “we” (first-person plural) form of the Spanish verb “valorar,” which means “to value” or “to assess.” Thus, I am trying to create a connection with my fans that we value each other and/or are providing value amongst one another as we share experiences and nights together. Second, the English word “valor” also means “great courage in the face of danger, especially battle.” Thus, I would like to encourage and inspire masculinity in my male fans.

Aditya – Which DAW do you use and why?

Valoramous – Logic Pro because I love the sleek design, professional appearance, and ease of use. Plus, after several years of use, it would not make sense to change my DAW.

Aditya – Which are your favorite plugins, something you cannot work without?

Valoramous – I am a huge fan of the Soundtoys, iZotope, and Black Rooster Audio series of plugins. I use these plugins on every track, and during all stages of production: composition, mixing, and mastering.

Aditya – What do you feel is the greatest strength as a music producer?

Valoramous – Perseverance

Aditya – Would you ever consider making scores for films? How would you envision that?

Valoramous – Absolutely. As (arguably) the most popular form of art, music has application to most areas of life. I believe my music could be used in a variety of genres of films.

Aditya – Where do you envision your music in the next 5 years?

Valoramous – I envision continued growth in my music, a more refined sound in the genres of Big Room, Country-Dance, and Electropop, and an eclectic catalog of numerous collaborations, EPs, albums, singles, etc.

Aditya – Lastly, who’s that one artist you want to collaborate with?

Valoramous – My dream collaboration would be with Timmy Trumpet. Aside from Timmy Trumpet, I would love to collaborate with ALWZ SNNY.

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